My Favourite Super Lemon Haze Oil Cartridge in the UK!


Unlike the US, CBD vape oil cartridges are rather new to the UK market. Typically if you are vaping CBD, the majority of vape shops only carry CBD e liquid cartridges. However, popularity and so demand for CBD vape oil cartridges is increasing over here. As such, we are beginning to see a handful of brands (still not many!) offer high strength CBD vape oil cartridge options. Whatsmore, I have also now been able to find my favourite strain – a super lemon haze oil cartridge. In this post, I thought I would do you all a solid and share with you where to find my favourite cart and actually where to find the best high strength CBD vape cartridges in the UK. 

As the CBD market has grown, it has become even harder to navigate or rather figure out who are the legit brands out there. If you go into a vape shop there are so many different options for CBD e liquids that you can pick from. To be quite honest, they all blend into one and so I have always gone with the vape shop’s recommendation. For CBD vape oil cartridges, it actually becomes a bit easier as there are not as many brands selling high strength CBD vape cartridges over here in the UK. 

First off though, why do I automatically equate a CBD vape oil cartridge with being a high strength CBD vape cartridge? CBD vape oil is the purest way to vape CBD. This is because, unlike CBD e liquid, it is not diluted down by any other liquids or cutting agents. It is simply CBD (hemp extract) mixed with natural terpenes and nothing else. So where a CBD e liquid is highest 10% for it to still vape well and taste good, a CBD vape oil can be as high as 65% CBD as it is far more concentrated. 

Due to this, the consistency of CBD vape oil cartridges is a lot thicker than for CBD e liquids and so requires that you use a more powerful device to heat it up. In the US a device of this nature is often called a cannabis vape pen, over here we call this type of device a Cannabis vape pen. 

Now on to why you are reading this – my favourite high strength CBD cartridges are from Paso. They sell a range of CBD products, but I am totally obsessed with their super lemon haze oil cartridge – Citrus Eclipse. 

Here’s want makes it such a good super lemon haze oil cartridge: 

  1. They use natural terpenes derived from Super Lemon Haze to give it the authentic tart but a touch sweet citrus lemon flavour with a delightful harbeacous edge 
  2. It is one of the highest strength CBD vape cartridges for sale in the UK coming in at 65%
  3. It is a broad spectrum CBD cartridge so contains additional minor cannabinoids such as CBN which makes for an even better effect (have a google of the entourage effect for more on this) 
  4. Their vape cartridges are glass which I far prefer to plastic as you never know whether heating plastic at a high temperature risks emitting additional toxins
  5. Their vape cartridges also have a ceramic coil which makes for a better vaping experience. This is because ceramic is more porous than metal carts so the oil is better absorbed so that you get a better taste from a fuller flavour
  6. It is 510 thread compatible meaning that their super lemon haze oil cartridges work with any 510 thread vaporiser battery. This is particularly good as many of the vape pens that are powerful enough to heat up thicker oils and extracts are 510 thread batteries.

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