A wheelchair is a device which is used majorly by disabled people. It is a chair which has wheels attached in it. The wheelchairs even come in large variety according to the needs of the patients. They have major modifications like specialized seating, individual control, and also comes with some special personalized features. They even come with a battery or electric motors. It can be manually handled or even with the buttons or remote if provided.

These wheelchairs can be cheap and very expensive as well. It depends on the features and the services availed by the product. So if the wheelchair required by the patients is out of their budget, you can even rent it for some days on a minimum charge asked. Wheelchair rent at Kolkata can be afforded by any middle-class family in comparison to the expensive wheelchair.

How to rent a wheelchair in Kolkata               

To rent a wheelchair at Kolkata follow the given steps

  • Select a wheelchair which you require.
  • Contact the regarding company and give your details about the day you want and the departure. Information like your body weight, height, and disease will also be required.
  • The company can even advise you for a suitable wheelchair for you if you are confused or if you need help.
  • The wheelchair will be delivered on the date you mentioned with all the required manuals and parts.
  • The wheelchair will also be picked up on the last day of your use.
  • now it’s very easy to afford wheelchair rent at Kolkata

Things to remember while renting a wheelchair

  • Damage- check the wheelchair properly before paying the rent or even finalizing it. Report the seller as soon as you inspect any problem or else it can be a risk for your life.
  • Proper functioning- take a test and ensure your comforts and wheelchair’s functioning to be sure about its working. If it works with battery, make sure it is fully charged.
  • Convenience –while you are renting a wheelchair which can be easily movable and can be moved or transported to any place.
  • Cost- determines all the cost with the security expenses as well. Sometimes it might happen that renting a wheelchair can be expensive from the one which you want to buy. So evaluate the cost of every possible situation and its outcomes.
  • adaptability- if your medical conditions require different types of wheelchairs in every month or days it is better if you rent one because buying a new wheelchair everything can cost you loads of money and it will waste of money as well as the resources

So wheelchair rent at Kolkata is a better option instead of buying a new one.

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