Best Spy App for Android and iPhone?


Digital cell phones are everyone’s priority these days. However, when it comes to the contemporary smartphones operating systems likewise Android and IOS mobile phones security of the devices seems to be very strong. On the other hand, people these days are looking forward to monitoring Android and IOS cellphones and gadgets. Therefore, you need to have a type of monitoring software that empowers you to monitor android and iPhones devices.

Therefore, you need to get your hands on the tech –brand allows you to track both of the operating systems of the mobile phone technology to the fullest. Today, I will tell you just need to get your hands on the cell phone monitoring app that empowers you to track android smartphone and further provide you non –jailbreak solution for iPhone device without installing the software to track iPhone.

How to get the spy app for Android & iPhone?

If you want to monitor both the major operating systems in the tech market these days then you simply have the best of the best that empowers you to get the job done against the two convincingly.

Therefore, in my personal opinion having plenty of experience that I have got over the years, all you need to do is to get a monitoring app for android and iphone. However, you need to subscribe to the solution for both Android and IOS separately. Let’s get to know how you can get the best spy app for Android and iPhone.


  • How to Install Android spy app on the target device?


It quite simply uses your mobile phone browser having internet access and further go to the official webpage of the cell phone spy app for android. Once you are at it then you need to subscribe to the mobile phone monitoring app. In response, an email sent to you at your given email ID. It contains credentials that help you out later.  

Furthermore, you need to have physical access on the target android device and when you have it start the installation process. The moment you have ended up with it the very next moment you activate it on the target device. However, prior to the activation a pop –up appears on the screen that simply assists you for secret surveillance on android devices.

Now you can complete the activation process and you can use credentials in order to get access to the online control panel. It is the place where you can visit multiple tools to spy on an Android device to the fullest.

Let’s discuss how to monitor android device with powerful monitoring tools for Android.

Call recording

You can record incoming and outgoing calls on an android cell phone and gadgets in real –time by using secret call recording app for android.

Live screen recording for android

You can record android screen activities in terms of making short videos back to back by using real-time screen monitoring app. You can get the videos of the screen using online control panels such as chrome live recording, YouTube screen recording, IM’s screen recording, email and password screen recording.

IM’s social media

You can get the logs of trendy social media apps in terms of messages, conversations, shared media and Voice messages.

  1. ii)       How to use Non –jailbreak solution for iPhone?

You can monitor the iPhone without doing the jailbreak. You simply need to visit the web and visit the official website of cell phone spy software. Now you need to subscribe for a non –jailbreak solution for iPhone and you will receive credentials.

Now you can the passcode and ID and further you will be able to have access to the web portal and you will see the iCloud button. Now you have to procure the credentials of the target iPhone iCloud.

Once you have it then you just need to put the iCloud credentials and further you will be able to download all the activities happen on the target device till date using online control panel. You need to know one thing that you don’t need to install non –jailbreak solution for iPhone on the target device.

All you need to have iPhone spy app subscription and credentials and further you should have iCloud credentials. In addition, you can get the iPhone spy app tools that empower you to get all the activities to happen on the target IOS device to the fullest.


Mobile phone spy app is the best tech –tool that empowers you to monitor android and iPhone device to the fullest.

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