How To Register EPF Complaint Online in India


If any individual who is facing any issues regarding PF withdrawal, or facing issues while lodging a complaint against EPF may raise the matter with EPFO department online to resolve their grievances. If you have UAN with you, you may use the online grievance portal very easily. This platform is used to file your complaint and also help you to track your current status of the complained lodged. The effective timeline for resolution of your grievance raised is 30 days. This article will let you know in detail about how to use an EPF Grievance Website to file EPF Complaint online.

EPF i Grievance Management System:

EPF members can easily register their grievances on this platform named as EPF i Grievance Management System. Here, the EPF subscribers can file their queries and complaints, send reminders for pending grievances and know the status of their request raised on this portal in a hassle-free manner.

EPF subscriber may register following issues on EPF i Grievance Management System:

1) Issues related to EPF withdrawal

2) Transfer of EPF accumulations into any new EPF account

3) Scheme Certificate

4) Final Pension settlement

5) Issues related to EPF balance

6) Payment of insurance benefit

Register EPF Grievance on EPF i-Grievance Management System:

In order to register your EPF grievance or complaint. You may visit the official website to register your complaint successfully. After you visit the website, you need to select the ‘Register Grievance’ option present at the top menu of the page. You can visit the form directly to file your grievance. (

This form is divided into three parts –

A) EPF Details:

1. Status- From the drop-down menu, select your current status and mention whether you are an EPF Member, EPS Pensioner, Employer or Others.

2. PF Number- Now, enter your Region Code, Office Code, Establishment Code, Extension and Account Number. In case you do not any of these, you may have a look at your salary slip they are clearly mentioned there.

3. Office to which grievance belongs- Select the office that handles your PF Account. In case you do not know you can confirm this with your current employer.

4. Name of Establishment

5. Address of Establishment

B) Personal Details:

1. Enter the name and state of the Complainant

2. Correct details pertaining to who is filing the complaint on the EPF portal

3. Create the password if you want to make your grievance confidential

4. Address of the Complainant

5. Phone Number

6. Mobile Number

7. Email ID

C) Grievance Details:

1. Mention your Grievance Category you want to register

2. Give a brief description of your Grievance

After filling these details, a Registration Number will be generated that would help you to check your filed grievance status.

Check Status and send a reminder of your EPF Grievance:

EPF members can also check the status of their complaint by login in the valid credentials. In case you do not remember your old credentials, you may retrieve it using your old registration number. If your EPF Grievance is not resolved within a short time, you can also send reminders to EPFO by visiting the EPF i-Grievance Management System to resolve your complaint.

It is quite easy to file your EPF Grievance by using an EPF i Grievance Management System. You have to follow a step by step process mentioned here in this article to successfully file your EPF complaint on the EPF portal.

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