How good is the 2021 Audi Q3 when Compared with Other Compact SUVs?


The 2021 Audi Q3 is available in four different trims and even the base version offers more than what other SUVs have to offer. This vehicle in compact SUV category is a must buy if you are looking to get a new vehicle. 

When in Gilroy Audi dealership, you must talk to the pros there so that you get to know about this vehicle in detail and opt for test drive. It is one of the best SUVs that you can get currently. So, take a look at this vehicle minutely now!

Audi Q3’s engine capability 

4-cylinder turbocharged engine is the power that moves this vehicle. It produces horsepower of 184 to 228 depending on the trim level a person opts for. Also, it is paired with automatic 8-speed transmission and AWD Quattro from Audi. There is no doubt the potential of the engine provided due to the results of the tests. Also, it offers quick acceleration that is similar or better than some of its rivals. 

Smooth transmission shifting when operated normally is something that will impress any individual. However, sport mode indicated by S Mode system that will give you the thrills you need when driving such a vehicle. Also, it suspension system is what damps out imperfection on road and direct steering offer agility sense that is missing from most vehicles in compact SUV. Moreover, it moves gracefully when driving on a twisty road too like any other Audi would. 

30 mpg on highway and 22 mpg in city what this vehicle is capable of providing and this mileage is far better than what most compact SUVs can provide nowadays. Moreover, several tests indicated that this powertrain is capable of providing more mileage on highway than what EPA has estimated. 

It is high time that you get to Audi dealership Gilroy immediately and take a closer look at this vehicle. Owning this vehicle is an opportunity that you shouldn’t miss if you are keen on purchasing a compact SUV. 

Interior design 

User-friendly control layout with remarkable driving position, supreme materials, and more is what you will find in the interior of Q3. Features that make this vehicle standout includes superior quality leather upholstery, panoramic sunroof, power adjustable heated seats, lumber support, and more. 

Additional and luxurious feature consist of ambient lighting, digital gauge cluster, premium micro-suede on doors and dashboard, etc. Moreover, the cabin is made spacious than most compact SUVs along with plenty of legroom. Also, there is ample space for carry-ons in cargo space and rears seats can be folded if more space is needed for suitcases. 

Price tag 

The price of 2021 Audi Q3 starts from the $35,100 for the Premium 40 variant. The Premium 45 comes at $37,100. The plus model is what you should get for yourself; Premium Plus 40 costs $38,400 or the Premium Plus 45 is priced at $40,400. 

So, now all you need to decide is when to take a test ride and book the new 2021 Audi Q3 for yourself!

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