2021 Chevrolet Tahoe is a Good Addition to your Car List

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If buying a SUV is in your list this year, then add the 2021 Chevrolet Tahoe immediately. It is one of the best SUVs that you can add to your car collection due to its swift ride quality, comfort provided, handling, engine power, and more. 

If you are wondering whether it will be a good addition to your car list, then the short answer is definitely. However, for the long answer that explains why it is a good addition, you need to go through its specifications. After that, you can reach Greenville Chevrolet dealer to purchase which model you need. 

Reason for 2021 Tahoe to be a good addition to your car list 

If you are looking at SUVs, you need something that imparts raw power and colossal cabin space. Tahoe fulfills all requirements by having: 

  1. Powerful engine 

One of the reasons as to why Tahoe is so popular in recent times is due to the powerful V8 engine that is equipped in every model. The base V8 is 5.3L engine that generates 355 horsepower and another option is 6.2L engine that gives 420 horsepower. Both these engines deliver raw power, enough to carry out any task that would require a Tahoe to accomplish. 

Apart from these two, a diesel version is also available that has less horsepower than these two but much more torque (460 pound feet). All engines comes with auto 10-speed for smooth gear changing operation. Accurate steering and more delivers best possible ride to all. However, it is always advised to opt for Z71 package for owning the ideal ride. 

  1. Interior, cargo, and infotainment 

This SUV’s interior is built using materials of top grade and upscale nature that gives it a classy look. One of the best aspects about the interior is the space it provides to passengers. Comfortable is what you get when you have such huge legroom and headroom. Even the cargo area for the 2021 model is bigger than its predecessors. Also, floor is flatter that aids in loading cargo easily. 

Connectivity and infotainment features available for this vehicle is remarkable. 10.2-inch display, smartphone integration (Android Auto and Apple CarPlay), Wi-Fi hotspot are some of the things that makes every journey relaxing and entertaining for all. In addition, higher trims come equipped with Bose stereo, entertainment setup for rear seats, etc. 

  1. Reasonable pricing 

The base model starts from $51,400, which might sound a lot but actually when compared with other SUVs in this class it feels reasonable enough. The highest trim goes for over $71,000 but again when compared with features equipped, ride quality, and other aspects of this car, it proves that it is quite affordable pricing. You can know more about pricing and deals available when going to Chevrolet Greenville dealership.  

These three are primary reason as to why you should add 2021 Chevrolet Tahoe to your car list. It is one of the best SUVs that you can buy and shouldn’t let this opportunity go. So, get yours today!

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