Common Car Repairs that Every Vehicle Needs At Regular Interval


When you own a car, there are certain maintenance and repair works that is standard, irrespective of the model you have. There are numerous repairs and maintenance work that requires to be done but some of the common ones are laid below. In Salem auto repair works include: 

  • Spark plug and ignition coil replacement
  • Replacing oxygen sensor 
  • Thermostat replacement 
  • Replacing catalytic converter

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  1. Spark plug and ignition coil replacement 

One of the most common repairs among older cars is the spark plugs and ignition coils’ replacement. Without adequate spark plug ignition chamber will fail to receive the spark it requires that allows fuel ignition and help the car to start. 

Through several signs, people can understand the issue and finally get it diagnosed. However, never should an individual avoid fixing these as it might lead to a substantial amount of damage later that will be expensive. This is one of the most common repairs that a professional mechanic handles. If there is any such sign in your vehicle, you should get it checked and repaired immediately. 

  1. Replacing oxygen sensor 

Also, common repairs in older cars include replacement of oxygen sensor. A car’s exhaust system’s crucial component is oxygen sensor. It is responsible for detecting un-combusted oxygen that is present in a car’s exhaust. 

With time and usage this oxygen sensor becomes completely worn out and should be replaced after 100,000 kilometers (over 62,000 miles) or so. It costs a few hundred dollars to fix it but if it remains untreated then it might lead to bigger expenditure later. Going through regular maintenance a professional mechanic should inform about this whenever the time is right. 

  1. Thermostat replacement 

Engine’s thermostat is responsible for measuring an engine’s temperature that is needed for a vehicle’s computer to adjust/regulate performance. Faulty thermostat is one of the reasons that older cars often has check engine light illuminated. This repairing shouldn’t be ignored at all as it is the reason a vehicle might underperform or under strain damage itself severely. It takes about $200 or more to repair it, which is much better than engine failure in the middle of the road. When opting for car repair service near Salem, you can consult about this in detail. 

  1. Replacing catalytic converter 

Catalytic converter is known for neutralizing various hazardous components that is in the exhaust like carbon monoxide. Moreover, they are partly responsible for a vehicle’s performance as well as mileage. 

Car manufacturers create this in a way that it should last a lifetime; however, with irregular maintenance schedule, repair issues of connected items in exhaust system, etc. often leads to it needed replacing. Though, it might cost a bit one should opt for replacement if required to ensure protection of the vehicle from further damage. 

Now, that you are aware of the common repairs that old cars always need, ensure opting for regular maintenance for every vehicle you own. Also, make sure to get every parts checked and repaired if necessary.

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