Practicality, Affordability, and Performance Makes 2021 Volkswagen Jetta GLI Best Vehicle Currently

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People these days are gravitating towards the new 2021 Jetta GLI from Volkswagen for a number of reasons. This vehicle’s practicality, affordability, and performance are at the top of the list of reasons as to why people are considering it to be the best vehicle in its category in recent times. However, without going through details you won’t understand clearly. Thus, below points show why this is currently one of the best cars, before you reach Seaside Volkswagen Dealership to buy it. 

  • Practicality 

One of the best aspects of this vehicle is the practicality involved that makes it easier for people to use this vehicle for any task. Jetta GLI comes with sufficiently spacious cabin and trunk. When manufacturing this car, VW ensured that they make rear portion spacious enough for people to sit comfortable without having to worry about leg and head room. When tested, even individuals with large structure easily fit inside this vehicle without any hassle or uncomfortable aspect. 

The trunk space comes with abundance of space that allows people to fit in seven carry-ons without any worry, which is more than most cars in this segment can hold in a trunk. Also, it comes with ample number of cubbies and storage inside the cabin that can be used as requirement of a person. Hence, no other vehicle in this segment can beat this vehicle in practicality. 

  • Affordability 

Volkswagen decided to offer just two trims for the 2021 Jetta GLI. The base model is the S series which starts from $27,340, while the other higher end trim Autobahn offers ample features and more, is priced at $31,740. With a pricing like this, it is no doubt that this car is one of the most reasonably priced vehicles in the compact car category. 

If money is not an issue, then it is always suggested to opt for the Autobahn version as you get more than anyone can imagine and is worth every dollar you spend on it. To know more about deals and other options you can always consult Volkswagen dealer Salinas

  • Performance 

Turbocharged 4-cylinder 2L engine is what is equipped under its hood that allows it to offer performance that will impress anyone. It is paired with a manual transmission (six-speed) or optional automatic transmission dual clutch (7-speed), that helps Jetta GLI generate 228 horsepower and excellent 258 lb-ft torque. Tuned suspension, responsive handling, strong brakes, summer tires and more makes it perform at the top-most level possible. Along with such high performance, this vehicle also offers a fuel economy of 25 mpg in city and 33 mpg on highway. 

In addition, its driver assistance and safety features ensures that you just don’t have the performance you are looking for but also be confident when driving on road. 

It is without question one of the best vehicles that people can come across in recent times and is why considered one of the best compact cars. Practicality, affordability, and performance along with a few other things makes it a must have for you. 

So, book one for test ride quickly!

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