Check out flight change policy of Avianca Airlines


Avianca Airlines is a very popular Colombian airline which is known for providing scheduled services to its customers at a reasonable cost. Further, the airline also provides the best online and on board services to the customers in order to make the travel of the passengers comfortable and hassle-free. And for the customers who are looking for Avianca flight change, here in this article they will be provided with the policies and other details regarding the flight change.

Flight change policy of Avianca Airlines

  • Before, you head on with the flight change procedure, it is essential that you have complete knowledge about the flight change policy of Avianca Airlines. So, here are few conditions from the airline policy that you should know. Just keep these pointers in mind in order to avoid last-minute issues while traveling.
  • As per the policy, when you make changes in your reservations, all the changes become effective for all the passengers included in the list. However, to make changes for a particular passenger you can contact the service center of the airline.
  • Further, if a customer books an alternative flight then, they might need to pay Avianca flight change fee and excess fare over the current reservation ( if required).
  • And all the upgrade that you have made to your current reservations will not be forwarded to the changed reservations.
  • Furthermore, this change policy is only applicable to the reservations booked through the airline website or reservation center.
  • And this policy is not applicable to the reservations that are checked-in, expired, purchased with miles or were purchased 24 hours before the flight change process.

Hence, this was the flight change policy of Avianca Airlines. And for those passengers who have no idea how to make changes to their reservation can either contact the reservation center of the airline or can opt for the online manage booking option for making the necessary changes to their reservation.

If you are facing any issue in the booking and regarding flight change issue you need to contact o their Avianca flight change customer support for the help and support. They can help you in booking too.

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