Probably you have noted that reo auction services are more common nowadays. From the huge commercial properties to the luxury homes, auctions are now commonly highlighted in the news. Many properties today are able to meet the 2/3 requirements of the National Association of Realtor that requires you to do an analysis of the property, market, and the situation of the seller. Where 2 of the 3 parties (property, seller and market) are leaning towards the reo auction services, then the reo asset management service should advise the seller to go for an auction. One of the reasons why reo asset liquidation services are interested in auctions is these offer a great option to both buyers and sellers.

Why choose an auction at all?

Reo asset firms prefer the auctions as it is a great marketing tool that makes it possible for a property to be sold or bought. However, unlike other forms of marketing, auctions come with some unique characteristics that make them to be more attractive. These include:


There was a time when the real estate contracts consisted of just a few pages. However, this is not the case anymore. Nowadays, we have real estate agreements that consist of lengthy a document that are filled with some tiny type, and cover nearly every contingency that may happen. The auctions offer a great option for simplicity. Homes are usually sold with some contingencies and are settled within a period of a few days.

REO asset liquidation services


Industry experts suggest that the average home usually remain on the market for a period of 69 days before it can get sold. Real estate agents realize when a product remain in the market for a long time, it means increased cost of marketing, greater dissatisfaction of the seller, and delayed payment of commission. However, an auction allows the scheduling of the sale of a property on a particular date. Where no seller reserve is present, it is possible to sell the property on the same day. this is where REO auction services come handy.


One of the key difficult situations when it comes to real estate and REO asset management is where a property is sold using multiple bids.  Many of the traditional buyers do not want the revealing of their offer, and no single purchaser would like to bid for more than they want. The good thing about an auction is they create a level marketing process as the bids are usually visible and open. The prospective purchaser is able to bid or even not bid with an understanding of the demand of the property. This means there are intimations and rumors, or even claims that there is a buyer who may be interested in the property.

Luxury homes

When it comes to the homes located in the brackets of the other price, these will represent a unique problem for the real estate agents. With the home rising in value, the potential buyer’s pool tend to become smaller as there are only a few people who are able to afford the big ticket properties. However, REO asset liquidation services ensure that when a property is available, it is open to all prospective buyers.

In today’s era, weddings are a huge deal and definitely one of the biggest sectors in the world. If you calculate the average amount an individual spends on their big day, it is over £20,000. The brides and grooms hire an entire army of wedding planners to make sure that their wedding goes smoothly.

The wedding businesses across the UK have an altogether turnover of over £24.2 billion. It is no surprise that most of the wedding businesses are nothing but a collaboration of several small businesses from make-up artists, caterers, invitation designers and many more. The list really does feel endless, especially when you’re the one footing the bill!

Many aspiring entrepreneurs are looking for wedding business ideas. This article provides you with five trending wedding businesses across the UK that young entrepreneurs can take up.

Wedding Caterers

1: Wedding Caterers

People across the UK are adapting the new culture of informal weddings. This means, the three course sit-down meal provided by the venue is no longer mandatory. Although people may want to stick to a formal wedding breakfast, an evening meal during the reception is more of a low-key.

In other words, the brides and grooms often opt for picnic-style meals or street food meals. So if you think you have the culinary skills that could impress thousands, we suggest you to offer an on-site barbeque service for weddings or a pop-up street food stalls. Some of the simple on-site catering ideas also include cream tea services, ice cream vans for the children or even a fresh candyfloss stall.

If you worried about the seed investment for starting your catering business, we suggest you to look for property finance service offer by alternative finance firms. As the name suggests, property finance is a secured business loan that uses your property as collaterals and allows your business to borrow the money it needs.

Wedding Florists

2: Wedding Florists

Wedding are a good way of making money for people who are self-employed florists or love gardening. Couples usually spend a lot on bouquets, buttonholes and floral decorations for their big day.

So if you decide to become a professional wedding florist, then you need to start by setting up a website that portrays your skills. You can also make use of the social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram to reach your target audience. You start off by decorating few of your friend’s weddings at a low-cost. It not only gives you a chance to practice your skills but also provide you with some beautiful photographs for your website and social media accounts.

Remember, your clients will provide you with the theme for their wedding and the idea of what they want it to look like. Ultimately, it is you who have to be creative and use your floral expertise to bring their idea into reality.

Wedding Photographers

3: Wedding Photographers

Although the marrying couples want a budget-friendly wedding, most of them are determined to have a wedding photographer to record their big day. For you to get the job as a wedding photographer, you firstly need a portfolio that proves you are eligible to shoot an entire wedding. You start build your portfolio by shooting your friend’s big day or can also start by assisting a more established wedding photographer on his sites.

The couple would want to meet you before the actual day so that they get to know you and help you through the wedding and explain you what they want. Additionally, you can also offer an engagement shoot in your package giving you the chance to enhance your creative skills before the wedding.

Just remember, most couple love to have candid clicks of them and the guests than the posed pictures.

Wedding Musicians

4: Wedding Musicians

If music is your passion and you want to make a living out of it, then marketing yourself in the wedding business can be a good way to start off. Starting with string quartet for the arriving guests and then changing into a rock and roll band at the reception, you think you can handle it all?

As a wedding musician, you have to be responsive to what the happy couple wants. So before the big day, meet them and decide upon a list of songs to play at the wedding. Most importantly, be professional and punctual.

Speak to the venue in-charge about the set-up, stage, sound system and your other requirements so that you will know what all to carry otherwise.

Wedding Hairdressers and Make-up Artists

5: Wedding Hairdressers and Make-up Artists

Brides usually opt for a professional hairdresser and make-up artist for their wedding. Also, many others pay for their bridesmaids and other members of the wedding party to get ready.

As a professional wedding hairdresser and make-up artist, it is expected of you to travel wherever the bride is (be it her home, the hotel room or the wedding venue). Ideally, it is recommended to book a trial makeover weeks before the actual wedding, so the bride knows exactly how she will look on her big day.

If you think you can handle the pressure of getting the bride ready for her special day, then go ahead with this profession. If you do not have experience in everything, then you can team up with other professionals so that together, you can offer a complete bridal package.

What is Hadoop?

Hadoop is a software framework for storing and processing Big Data Analytics. It is an open-source tool build on java platform and focuses on improved performance in terms of data processing on clusters of commodity hardware.

Hadoop comprises of multiple concepts and modules like HDFS, Map-Reduce, HBase, PIG, HIVE, SQOOP and ZOOKEEPER to perform the easy and fast processing of huge data

Hadoop conceptually different from Relational databases and can process the high volume, high velocity and high variety of data to generate value.

Why is it SO HOT?

There are multiple factors driving the demand for Big Data analytics in India. The emergence of converged devices, as well as rapid digitization of data and information, especially in the government sector, is leading to a much larger quantum of data being generated. There is also immense demand from analytics players who want to get meaningful insights from their huge volumes of data which is leading to an increased number of professionals inculcating skills required in their profession.
Who can pursue Hadoop Course?

Hadoop comprises of multiple concepts and modules like HDFS, Map-Reduce, HBase, PIG, HIVE, SQOOP and ZOOKEEPER. These Hadoop tools are used to process the high volume, high velocity and high variety of data to generate value. To pursue this you need to have hands-on experience in Core Java and good analytical skills.


Managers, who are looking for the latest technologies to be implemented in their organization, to meet the current & upcoming challenges of data management

Any Graduate/Post-Graduate, who is aspiring to have a great career in the cutting-edge technologies in IT

Software Engineers, who are into ETL/Programming and exploring for great job opportunities in Hadoop.

Prerequisites for learning Hadoop include hands-on experience in Core Java and good analytical skills to grasp and apply the concepts in Big Data Analytics and Hadoop. We provide a complimentary Course “Java Essentials for Hadoop” to all the participants who enroll for the Hadoop Training. This course helps you brush up your Java Skills needed to write Map Reduce programs.

Why EduPristine:

EduPristine Big Data Hadoop classroom training program is specially designed to master the latest and core components of Hadoop like Map-reduce, HBase, PIG, HIVE, SQOOP, Oozie with Hue and the plus complimentary session on Java Essentials for Hadoop, Python and Unix sessions.

Tools that you will learn at EduPristine: Hadoop

HDFS, Map-Reduce, HBase, Pig, Hive, Sqoop, Zookeeper

At EduPristine, our counselors can you to make a career in Big Data and Hadoop. They have counseled different professionals and students as well. If you wish to get into a one-on-one discussion with one of our counselors regarding a career in Hadoop, register here

Buying for your kid a pirate ship bed is one way of enhancing your relationship with your kid. And that is literally speaking. We all know that kids love extraordinary things. They also want to be unique. This is what makes them feel special. A kid doesn’t want his or her room to look like yours. It is important to give kids some motivation to go to bed. We all know that sleep is good for the wellbeing of the kids and that most kids don’t like to go to bed if they don’t have a reason to do so. Here are some reasons why you should buy a ship bed for your kid.

It makes them brave

Most kids have probably heard about the folktales, myths and stories about pirates. They know that pirates were brave. Buying a pirate ship bed online for your kids is one way of encouraging them to be brave. Just like the pirates.

They become innovative

Kids need a challenging environment. Somewhere they can imagine about their own things and feel like they are in their own world. One way to trigger their imaginations is to give them an extraordinary environment such as a pirate themed bedroom. They will imagine like they are in the sea sailing. They will try to invent their own things on the bed. This is beneficial to their mental health.

They will like to go to bed early

I have had kids in my house and one difficult thing about kids is to get them to bed. If the bedroom is boring, the kids would rather stay in the sitting room and watch television. A pirate ship bed can motivate your kids. They will always want to go to bed early so that they can play and sleep like a pirate in the ocean.

Digital Marketing simply defined as an umbrella including all internet or online marketing activities that helps in the brand promotion or lead generation in such a competitive business environment. While surfing the internet, you come across various things like some cool and funny memes, sometimes useful sometimes irritating ads, some viral videos, some amazingly written blogs, mobile apps etc. Do you ever wish of creating any of these? If your answer was in affirmative, then congrats you have made your career choice and that is Digital Marketing.

Here are the top reasons why Digital Marketing Courses are gaining so much traction in the recent times:

  • According to this research, the digital economy is growing 10 times faster than the traditional economy and firms that engage in online trading are twice as likely to be creating jobs as firms that aren’t.
  • It provides you with various career options. If you love coding, you can go for web designing or if you are a born writer, go for content marketing and so on.
  • You don’t have to spend sleepless nights mugging up the formulas that you are never going to use in your life.
  • You can dress as you like so say bye bye to the boring formals.

If the above sounds good, you definitely need to take the Digital Marketing Career and choose this exciting bandwagon of professionals who are making it big.

Here I wish to tell you why you need a Course like EduPristine’s to boost your Digital Marketing career.
Our learners can expect an eclectic mix of case studies, digital marketing tools, and the hallmark methodology of learning through a live website. Pioneered by EduPristine, hands-on practice through a live website, ad budget, and simulations are the best way to learn digital marketing. This methodology offers real-life challenges, compelling learners to apply concepts in the class.

Digital Marketing course by EduPristine combine practical & experimental training with soft skills training, so you can be market ready. They have a large alumni network of about 50,000+ students and also offer 100% job assistance. You can choose to opt for either classroom training or online training. Edu Pristine is a Google partner, Microsoft Imagine Academy Program Member and also a member of the Digital Marketing Association.

You have to write an exam at the end of the Digital Marketing course to get a certificate which is given based on your performance. Support for additional digital marketing certifications is also provided.

Analytics, in general, refers to the collection and transformation of data for meaningful insights and business decisions. With big data and business intelligence rapidly gaining importance in today’s world, there is growing demand for analysts and data scientists. According to Mc Kinsey Global Institute’s Report on Big Data, demand for analytical talent in the United States could be 50% – 60% higher than its projected supply by 2018 – there could be a shortfall of around 1.5 million data-savvy managers and analysts. This clearly highlights the fact that a shortage of analytics professionals could become a serious constraint making analytics a lucrative career option for many. A career in analytics could be pursued in any industry – today organizations in most sectors and most fields of work have analytic divisions driving their strategic decisions


Who is a Business Analyst?
A business analyst is someone who analyses an organization’s domain (real or hypothetical) and documents its business or processes or systems, assessing the business model or its integration with technology.

If you are an aspiring business analyst, then I am sure that you’d be searching on Google for the answer and by the end of this article, I assure you that you’ll get that answer. Well becoming a business analyst is no rocket science, just follow the simple steps mentioned below and you’ll be ready to take up the role of a Business Analyst in any reputable company.


Take up a Business Analytics Certification Course
To develop the analytical skills, it is imperative to get trained in business analytics. Good training means increased chances of getting a good job in a good company. If you are a working professional and cannot spare time for the classroom training, then try the search for institutions that provide online courses. Before taking up the course just check the following:

Research about the good institutes that provide business analytics training
Check their course curriculum and see if it matches your expectations
Check what value the certificate holds
Check if any placement assistance is provided

One good institute that I know is EduPristine, and has recently launched the Predictive Business Analytics Course. At EduPristine you can expect a mix of case studies, analytical tools, and the hallmark pedagogy of learning through a plethora of hands-on and real-life scenarios. Finishing the course with our state-of-the-art Capstone project helps the participants to season their skills as a Business Analytics professional; thus, making them ready for the job role. The methodology offers real-life challenges, compelling learners to apply concepts in the class and prepare for career realities.

When you are going for bouldering, it is evident that you will fall. It requires pushing your abilities to climb rocky terrains with great technique. You can apply those same techniques by tying a weight to your waists while running on the road. But, you will not fall. However, bouldering is an activity which demands ground fall. When you are trying to climb a hard boulder, you are usually with ropes. After immense strategies and techniques, you learn to climb. The first climb is generally rope less and within 10 feet of the ground. If you fall from that height, you directly fall on the ground. You might end up breaking your leg, bruising your ankles our surviving other boulder injuries.

When you can estimate you are going to fall, do whatever it takes to avoid bad landing. The fall will not hurt you as much as the bad landing will. To prevent this, you can use crash pads and a spotter. If you are at a high ball boulder, always use a rope. Do not let anything come before your safety. A well-trained spotter will help in placing the crash pad right beneath the danger area. This will get you a safe landing.

A bouldering pad is often addressed as a bouldering mat or crash pad by adventure junkies. They are available in various shapes and sizes. The most common form of crash pad available is a folded one of 8-10 centimetres. It is roughly 3-4 inches thick and is 1.3 metres long when unfolded. You can carry these bouldering pads easily along with you mounting it on your shoulders. They have a strap attached to it to make it easily transportable from one place to another. They are available in dual or triple density foam to produce varied levels of support.

The middle of the mat is softer as compared to its sides. The crash pads are made with high-quality closed and open cell foam bound into a single mat. The mat is made with higher density foam to cover the surface. This high-density foam will prevent the climber’s feet from sinking into the pad. Even if a climber falls from the boulder straight onto this pad, chances of his injuries are less. He will not sink into the pad due to the high-density foam surface. Rather, he will gain impact on hitting the ground and can comfortably stand up on his feet again. The crash pad is also available with spotters to ensure safety during accidental crash landings. The ultra-hardwearing nylon fabric forms an anti-squid base and supports the comfortable and safe landing. These bouldering pads are available in 3 sizes:

●Pluto – 100 x 100 x 8 centimetres.
●Warrior – 130 x 100 x 11 centimetres.
●Saturn- 160 x 120 x 14 centimetres.

It is very important to place the boulder pad right beneath the protruding rocks or dangerous sections of the climb. These are the areas which have high chances of creating deadly falls. So, place a bouldering pad at the correct space to prevent accidental landings or injuries.

All of you’d have continually seen classified advertisements in newspaper and magazines, however need to ever thought of posting free ads online. If your answer is not any, then you want to make preparations for this as currently on-line promotion is in nice demand. additional and additional little scale industries and even giant companies are choosing this. By posting advertisements at free ad posting website in the Republic of India you’ll probably get far better edges that are planning to take your business at new height. whereas on the different hand, it’s far better technique and promotional activity which will facilitate in saving heaps not solely cash however time likewise. There square measure such a big amount of free classified sites that you just will opt for consequently and especially most of even run at an international platform which means data can reach to foreign customers likewise.

Beneficial for those that has startup business or beginner

As you all grasp that the Republic of India may be a developing country and plenty of firms square measure putting in which will facilitate in increasing the growth of our country. So, free classified sites in the Republic of India will encourage be terribly useful for brand spanking newcomers and beginners United Nations agency square measure arising in a line of products. Since they’re new this field therefore for several of them it becomes nearly not possible to grasp the present market conditions and the way to push their business services. Well, in such case classified sites will be their ray of hope as they’ll post as several as they require and in easy, fast and straightforward manner. But, if they don’t grasp even one issue then newcomers will like taking facilitate of specialized company which will work as per would like and demand and most significantly facilitates in providing the stunning result that they had ne’er expected. firms have skilled employees members United Nations agency square measure well trained and may guide all right.

unlimited opportunities with free classified sites

There square measure such a big amount of edges of exploitation classified sites and one in all them is that businessmen, entrepreneurs and different parties can get limitless opportunities to find one thing new on a daily basis. Posting ads in a classified website is such a lot of fun and exciting that you just can always remember. But, so as to urge edges it’s should that you just ought to learn some tips and tricks that square measure straightforward to follow and most significantly ought to result orient.

Along with businessmen and ad posting firms, post free advertisements and sites are the important supply of knowledge for shoppers. With facilitate of promotional ads they’re going to get additional and additional data which is able to facilitate shoppers in shopping for the quality product at cheap worth. Not solely this, advertisements also will list them deserves, options and characteristics.

Benefits of investment time in free classified sites

Competition has inflated such a lot that it’s become much necessary to form some effective ways, plans and take selections exactly. Well, in this case advertisements will be your business supporter as they’re going to give you an improved platform that run across the country and internationally likewise. On classified sites any form of advertisements will be announced and most significantly it’ll seldom take a pair of to three minutes which means time-saving. Mentioned below square measure a number of the unbeatable blessings that square measure value investing:

Far reach method: the most advantage that you just can get is that ads can reach at a totally different corner of this world at intervals no time. In fact, you would like not need to do any expenses or anything to form your data reach to special parties. All you would like to try to is simply single click and everything are going to be tired a moment.

Story sections for a few fun: Most of the classified sites even have story sections wherever you’ll post stories associated with sensible or product your business is commercialism or dealing in. you’ll interact additional and additional potential customers simply by writing one thing fascinating concerning a product. this can sound remunerative and therefore customers will invest their time in reading it and may well be doing that they’re going to go likewise.

Zero advertising price: the foremost exciting a part of classified sites is that they involve zero advertising cost. you would like not need to build any form of investment or one thing else, simply click on register possibility kind story concerning the merchandise, transfer pictures and mention the value rest are going to be done by the website itself.

An attractive office setting can significantly improve your workers’ efficiency and improve the overall energy and work ethic of your place of business. There are many factors that add to a positive work environment and one of the most prominent is the tidiness of your space. Having a tidy office can lead to numerous operating efficiencies and finding the right kind of shelving solutions in Australia for your business is critical. Shelving noticeably increases the accessible storage space, creating an efficient work space and make the office appear neat and tidy for when clients or business partners visit.

Mobile shelving is one many options of quality storage solution. See how mobile shelving adds functionality to your workplace:

1. Enhanced tidiness

When it comes to your office, neat and tidy is very important, and mobile shelving is an excellent storage solution to keep it as clean as possible. These shelves assist by storing more items in a narrow space, and can be used to hold files, stationary and much more.

2. Maximise storage

As a high-density storage solution, mobile shelving allows you to maximise your usable storage area. Situated on runners bolted to the floor, the compacting shelves slide from side to side, effectively allowing you to securely manage critical files, documents and items.

3. Improve organisation

Mobile shelving arrangements can offer a well-organized office space. This storage solution is designed to make it easy for you to keep your important documents tidy as well as find anything you need quickly.

4. Tailored options

With Commando, we offer a wide range of options when it comes to installing appropriate storage solutions. With end panels and doors available in a variety of colours, you can suitably tailor your shelving system to match your office or your brand. Commando also make a selection of accessories for use in mobile shelving systems, including digital aisle locks, pull out drawers and frames and much more.

6. Custom-made to your exclusive needs

In addition to the normal options, you can invest in mobile shelving that is custom-made as per your requirements. Regardless of size, colour or specification, make use of our expert team of engineers to create the perfect shelving system for your office.

Choose Commando Storage Solutions

The popularity of mobile shelving systems has grown fast because of their increased functionality and reasonable pricing. Shelving solutions in Australia can add style and elegance to your organization’s offices, while keeping everything organised at the same time. Get in touch with Commando Storage Solutions to find the best storage solution for your office. The company has a wide distributor network throughout Australia and is providing efficient storage solutions, mobile shelving systems, and many more.

Hadoop is a free, Java-based programming framework that enables the processing of large data in a distributed computing environment. It is part of the Apache open source project sponsored by the Apache Software Foundation.

We are sure that’s not the only information you are looking for and you will like to know much more in detail about Hadoop and its functions. So, we bring to you the Top 10 eBooks available on Hadoop that will help you to get your concepts clear.

With the availability of data, humongous data everywhere amassing with time, the chance to create models to predict and find marketing metrics has shot up. The world just does not need simple basic analytics now, what it needs now is the advanced analytics methods. But it’s not easy to develop predictive technologies that will change the world.

Big Data Hadoop Analysts are required to get insights more than just keeping a system of records. Volume of data has been increasing exponentially. Data comes from a variety of data sources such as text, sensor data, audio, video, click streams, log files, and more, out of which 75% of data is unstructured. Everyday new insights are found by analyzing and monitoring hundreds of data.

Read below how Ascent Transformation Series’ third panel delved into the need for adopting big data analysis to attain bigger business outcomes.

How Big Data Hadoop is used today and Big data’s impact on the future?

  • Telecommunication business derives information by understanding the call pattern analysis
  • A variety of data is collected through hospital information system to prepare personalized medicine
  • Retail business can benefit from social sentiments and click stream analytics and simultaneously optimize their supply chain
  • Used in Stock market to analyst stock market sentiments
  • Big data attributes in high revenues for any business since it is the art of targeting consumers with the right offer at the right time
  • Also, significantly gaining prominence in predicting election outcomes and econometric models.


To read more on the hadoop tutorial for beginners with examples and get pdfs, read this wonderful blog on Edupristine: