6 Paid Websites for Legally Reading Manga Online


Manga or Japanese comic books have become an important aspect of Japanese entertainment industry. Now people not only from Japan but also around the world are turning to these interesting and mesmerising books.

Manga contain variety of stories and provide its users with never ending fun, excitement and thrill. There are a number of online websites both paid and free that you can visit for manga reading. Paid websites are often superior to free ones.

Why you should avoid free manga reading platforms?

There are many reasons as to why it’s a bad idea to read manga on a free platform. Most important is probably their mediocre layout. The security policies of such platforms are also not very good.

There are many ads that interrupt your reading. This is why it is wise to stay away from free websites to read manga. Only a few free manga reading platforms like Mangastream, and similar ones are relatively better but most of them are not so great for manga reading.

  1. Crunchyroll:

This site is one of top priorities of anime and manga lovers. This platform provides you access to plenty of manga series in a very reasonable price.

You can have so much fun reading your favourite manga on this site due to it’s amazing user interface and website layout that is designed to make your reading experience the absolute best.

You can also watch anime on this site which makes it even better. Just like mangastream, crunchy roll is also updated on regular basis keep the website in best shape and to keep you in touch with the latest stuff from anime/manga world.

  1. Viz Manga:

This awesome platform for manga reading comes with a 7-day free trial, thus giving you an opportunity to get acquainted with the website and to decide whether you should get a subscription or not.

Viz manga is great in terms of manga collection. You can find almost any manga from the latest to the old classics on this particular site. This website offers best manga quality that is out there.

  1. Renta!

This site is gaining more and more popularity with each passing day. It is most famous for its huge variety of romance and slice of life manga series. You can also find some mainstream action manga on this site.

You can make purchases on this platform separately that is, you can only buy a particular series for a very reasonable price instead of the subscription for the whole website that costs more money.

  1. ComiXology:

This manga website is host to a huge number of manga series. You can find almost 25000 manga and regular comic books on this site which is just amazing. The best thing about this platform is its UI.

With this platform, you can easily search for your favourite manga from the site’s filter search and quick search features which is pretty cool. You can find all the mainstream and other old/new manga series as well as some famous Marvel and DC comics on this site which makes it even cooler.

  1. Manga Plus by Shueisha:

This website is rather new but not at all any less than other top manga reading platforms. This site has its origin in Japan and it offers very high-quality manga print to its users in a very reasonable price.

The best features of this site are its great security services, huge manga library, interactive UI and attention to detail regarding latest trends in the manga community.

  1. Book Walker:

Book walker has many similar aspects to Mangastream. You can find all the latest shows on this platform as soon as they are released in Japan. Thus, it keeps you updated with the recent content from your favourite shows.

The website’s layout makes it a child’s play for anyone to navigate through various sections and make the best out of features and services of this platform. Visit Past News to get more info on manga related apps and platforms.

Wrapping it up 

It is crucial for any manga geek to have a site that is best in terms of manga reading and features. The above-mentioned platforms meet all the criteria for a great manga reading website.

 So, we urge you to give these a chance. You can also read online user reviews of these platforms and then pick out what feels right to you. We hope you get something out of this information and find the best manga platform for yourself.

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