Bringing AI, Machine Learning & Data Analytics To India’s Thriving Drone Industry


The Success Story of Aerologiks, a NASSCOM CoE Incubated Startup

Drone technology has moved far and well beyond recreational purposes, and is assuming an increasingly titular role in data collection for several businesses. In India, drone-based applications are being used extensively across industries such as agriculture, energy, infrastructure, mining, media and insurance.

Ever since Amazon announced in 2013 that they would be experimenting with drones to make deliveries, there has been a dynamic shift in the industry. Barring regulatory controls, there is no denying the plethora of opportunities for a range of skillsets from engineering, R&D, data analytics and AI to name a few.

Now, with a new policy in place, India’s drone industry is ready for flight. This policy is specifically expected to open up the country’s B2B market, opening up the scope of innovation for drones in a significant manner.

While policies and regulations are expected to take their own recourse, the drone industry has been expanding its capabilities far and wide. In the past few years, the growth of consumer and commercial drones has grown significantly due to the rapid advancement of radio communication and smartphones. This has led to improved methods of data capture, amplified by enhanced computing abilities.

NASSCOM CoEIoT, continuing its trend of identifying and supporting the growth of cutting edge, revolutionary startups, is incubating a one-of-a-kind startup called Aerologiks. Founded by Rohan D and Parul Aghi, Aerologiks is building fully autonomous, collision-resistant and crash-proof drones for use in different sectors like drone delivery, survey and mapping and inspection. Not only is the company India’s first to be working on a complete hardware & software stack, but it is also introducing Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning to India’s growing drone industry.

Data Analytics & AI in Drone Management

Today, standalone companies exist to provide drones for commercial purposes. Over the years, the enhanced data collection and corresponding analytics has proven to be an affordable, effective manner of estimation, designing, process tracking and reporting for worksites.

AI allows machines like drones to operate independently and make their own decisions on behalf of their human controllers. The next generation of drones will be AI-powered, optimizing costs, enhancing efficiency

“Aerial data gathering provides decision-makers a comprehensive picture of their operations, and this is the future, with solutions ranging from anti-terrorism to agriculture,” believe the founders.

The team is focused on developing self-learning drones using Artificial Intelligence and the neural network for autonomous operations. “Our key differentiator is to integrate AI and computer vision to automatically extract valuable 3D information from the raw data. We are transforming how industries capture, analyze, and share insights about their businesses. Data can be collected and sent back to a computer in real time for assessment, and issues can be dealt quickly and efficiently, causing minimal disruption to operations,” explains Aghi.

The Aerologiks technology platform is versatile, and can be operated from any surface or terrain. The applications will benefit industries in improving their efficiencies and enhancing their profitability.

The goal is to digitize industries through the creation of a scalable AI driven platform that combines new age sensor data and expert knowledge to deliver insights to users across functions.


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