5 Places Remembering Your Frequent Flyer Number Could Earn you More Air Miles


While you can earn air miles everytime you book flight tickets, accumulating miles without having to step foot on the plane is possible, and how. Shopping, eating, fuel, reading, and so much more can get so rewarding if you remember your frequent flyer program number. And if you already do, here’s how to put it to good use. Keep reading

Frequent flyer programs enable you to earn and accumulate air miles every time you book a flight ticket or transact at any of its partner stores. These miles can be later redeemed for buying air tickets, upgrading cabin, shopping form the airline store and many other benefits. However, to increase your chances of accumulating air miles you need to keep your membership number handy.

Here’s how it can help you to earn air miles.

  1. Filling Fuel

Filling fuel has to be the easiest and convenient way of earning miles. And, this is where remembering your membership number comes handy. All you have to do to get your miles stacking up is give them your membership number at the time of billing. Almost all frequent flyer programs have tie-ups with fuel stations. Find out which station your program has links to, and never miss a mile again.

  1. Booking a Table at Partner Restaurant

Another way in which your flyer program’s number can be beneficial is when you dine out. Most airlines have partnered with restaurants and hotels. All you have to do is look up for the partner restaurants, book a table, and while booking, mention your membership number. For every time you eat out at one of these partner restaurants, you will earn miles.

  1. Shopping Online

Shopping can get rewarding too. Shopping online can help you earn miles. All you have to do is, go to your airline’s website, look for partnering shopping portals and click on one of them. This way, once you make the purchase, you earn certain miles for the amount you have spent. It’s that simple.

  1. Booking Flight Tickets

One of the most obvious ways of earning miles is by booking flight tickets. The miles you earn will depend on how expensive the ticket is and the distance you’re travelling. The only thing that has to be taken care of here is that you book tickets of the hosting airline, or you fly with one of the partner airlines. The list of partner airlines is mostly available on the host airline’s websites. But ensure you keep your membership number with you every time to book flight tickets and don’t miss out on those precious points.

  1. Subscribing for Magazines

You can earn frequent flyer miles by subscribing for magazines and newspapers that your program partners with. Taking up a yearly subscription of leading publications can get you a great deal of air miles. However, just make sure you go through your frequent flyer program website when subscribing for your favourite magazine. And don’t forget to punch in your membership number at the time of checkout to rack up those extra miles into your account.

Remembering your frequent flyer number can prove beneficial and come handy every time you make a purchase or spend at one of the partner stores or hotel. Keep an eye on the airline’s website and on the service providers they have partnered with so that you never miss out on the opportunity of earning your miles.

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