Why to get the 2021 Mazda CX-5?


Mazda CX-5 users are increasing throughout the country as these are not just cars which look extremely stylish but also perform quite well on road. This is the reason as to why more people are getting the 2021 Mazda CX-5 when in San Bernardino Mazda dealership

To get the answer as to why you should get this vehicle, all you need is to understand the specification of this automobile as well as learn how good its performance is along with its stylish appearance. 

So, take a look at all the details that will help you get the answer for why you should get the new 2021 Mazda CX-5. 

Exterior and interior design 

Refined toughness is how one can describe the Mazda CX-5’s exterior portion. Dynamic lines and glossy surface defined the exterior toughness that Mazda was trying to portray. Along with it, the front grille’s design and size played a massive part to make this design look even more mesmerizing to customers. This outstanding bodywork boasts the hard work of Mazda and made this vehicle one have one of the best appealing designs in compact SUV division. However, this is not all! 

The interior portion is built equally striking and its aesthetic beauty is what every car owner wants to enjoy. Experts have mentioned that its interior of top-end trims feels like that of a Mercedes or Audi, which shows how much thought and time has been spent in designing and building it. 

Building materials are top-notch like all other Mazda cars and sitting inside bring a joy to all. Accelerator pedal is designed to be floor-hinged and steering wheel is remarkably crafted; in short, the entire design will put an individual in a state of awe. 

Moreover, the cabin is designed to have ample space for people to sit comfortable and take long ride in this car. Also, numerous carry-ons can be equipped inside and also there are several small cubbies or storage for people to use it any way they want. Also, you can access infotainment system through its intuitive and responsive system and 10.3-inch touchscreen display.

You can truly understand the beauty and functionality of this vehicle, when you check it out yourself by visiting Mazda dealer San Bernardino

Engine choices 

Well, engine choices for people include four-cylinder option that produces 187 horsepower and its turbocharged version that increases horsepower to 250. Both engines are paired with automatic six-speed; however, the turbocharged version’s acceleration will leave you speechless. 

Furthermore, ride quality of every Mazda is excellent and the same goes for CX-5. Though, the starting price of CX-5’s base trim Sport is $26,550, it is better to opt for the high-end models like Signature ($38,700), Grand Touring Reserve ($36,560), or Carbon Edition turbo version ($32,000). 

You are completely aware of the fact as to why you should get the 2021 Mazda CX-5. So, without any delay book it to make sure that you get one delivered as soon as possible. It will be the best car you have ever driven. Take a test drive and you will know how it feels.

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