What types of tests are used in soil testing?


The engineers have to take into consideration various kinds of soil properties so that they can perform the most accurate calculations. There are a number of tests undertaken for this purpose which involve using various kinds of equipment. The test equipment helps in classification, sampling, consolidation and many more things which are important for the analysis of the soil.  Following are some of the tests used in the soil testing:

  • The grain size analysis: This has to be carried out by passing the soil from the sieve and check whether the soil has proper grain size distribution. The proper apparatus is used in this process which involves the scale and the holder in a particular position and a sedimentation tube as well. Also, there is usage of the hydrometer and the hydrometer glass jar as well in the whole process. The speed stirrer is also used so that the whole process is very much efficient. The motorized and hand-based sand shaker is also used.
  • The water content and the dry density of the soil: The most important parameters for a soil engineer to be tested are the moisture and the density of the soil. There is proper following of the standards established by the authorities so that the overall purposes are achieved. The engineer has to keep a strict control on these 2 parameters during the whole process. There is usage of compaction mould, compaction rammer and the automatic compaction machine as well so that the tasks are well performed under the controlled conditions. 
  • The field and the relative density: These parameters are required for the stability analysis of the soil. There are 2 different methods under this as specified by the concerned authorities. The core cutter method and the sand replacement method are the 2 methods in practice. The products used are the density bottle, sand pouring cylinder and the sand density cone. 
  • The extraction and the sample preparation: The preparation of the samples is required for a particular test under a system that causes no disturbance of a great significance. Some of the products used are the soil extruder, soil trimmer, hydraulic extruder, universal extruder, the motorized and hand operated soil trimmer, etc.
  • The direct sheer apparatus: This test is performed under the specific standards issued by the concerned authority. This can also be used to eliminate the residue stress of the soil. Here a number of samples are tested so that the data from each and every angle is obtained, and the strength of the soil can be very well evaluated. 
  • The volume change measurement: This can be used to measure the changes in the volume of the specimen and other related changes during the shear tests. The products like the single burette gauge and the sensitive volume gauge are used here to achieve the overall purpose of the soil testing. 
  • The site investigation and the sampling equipment: This can be done to obtain the important information related to the soil conditions and the geographical properties of the soil as well. 

The engineering equipment can be used to perform all these functions and tests so that the quality of the soil is constant and in case there are any shortcomings can be solved well on time in the right manner.

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