What Is The Use Of Investing In The Axis Small Cap Fund?


The small cap funds will be the best choice for the people to make the investment in the small sized companies and get a huge return. The axis small cap fund direct growth is the best one for the people as this is providing a massive return. If you are the person search for the best fund that will give the money to complete the long term goals like the marriage, children’s education, and the many others. These kinds of things will be achieved easily with the help of this small cap fund.

In this bank even though a lot of the fund schemes are available for the people they will prefer this one because of enough profit. This scheme is having the diversified portfolio and so you will have the chance to gain more money in the short term. You can also able to use this fund to achieve short term goals.

How risky is this axis small cap fund?

The risk is the main thing that the investors should have to note before investing in the fund. This is because the risk will play a major role. If the fund is riskier then you will find the more return. As per the history of the fund, this small-cap fund is also moderate risk and this means that it will give a good profit at the end of the maturity period. The people who are new to investment are not suitable for this kind of mutual fund.

It is also better for investors to use the help of the fund manager to manage the risk level and gain a big return. This fund is having a horizon of five years or more. Since this is not having the lock-in period this will be the helpful one for the investors to redeem the money in between. You no need to worry about the expense ratio as you will be charged with one percent only.

Is there any exit load for this axis small cap fund?

This axis small cap fund direct growth fund is the good one for the people who are ready to make the investment in the smaller companies. So making the investment in this kind of company will give them the chance to get a big amount. The people will find some risk and the market fluctuation but apart from that, this will be the best one for the investment. The user can able to quite the fund anytime and redeem their money.

This is may not be charged if they redeem the money after one year. But if you want to quit from this scheme and want your money back within a year then you have to pay the exit load. This will be quite difficult for their investors and so before joining in this kind of fund you have to analyze and plan. If the capital gain has reached the maximum value then you have to pay the tax. Also if the capital gain has reached the one and a half lakh then while withdrawal the tax is deducted from the amount.

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