What Are the Essential Safety Requirements for Recreational Boats


In 2016 alone, recreational boats valued at more than 3.6 billion USD were sold out. There are many factors of awareness that you need to understand. Consider boat supplies a priority because nobody will be there to help in an emergency once you deploy your boat in the deep waters. Here is a checklist before you set out on your voyage.  

List of Essential Safety Requirements for Your Recreational Boat 

  • First Aid Kit including motion sickness pills

When it comes to safety, you need a first aid kit. Make sure that is containing essential things including Sterlite gauze pads, waterproof adhesive bandages, eyewash solution, scissors, antiseptic cream and cotton swabs. Apart from these basic things, never forget to keep a pack of motion sickness pills especially when it is your first or second time. Motion sickness is a natural phenomenon that almost everyone experiences on the waves. It further results in vomiting, salivation, headache and drowsiness. These symptoms will ruin the precious moments that you were expecting during the voyage. 

  • Life jackets and inflatable emergency boats 

Mishaps never come with a prior warning. You need to be double sure about preparations when it comes to arranging marine boat supplies. According to the accommodation capacity of a boat, there must be adequate number of life jackets. The second most important thing to keep in your boat is an inflatable life raft that contains essential supplies of survival in an emergency. 

  • Fire extinguisher 

Don’t think you are safe from fire if sailing on the water. Fire is one of the most unexpected uncertainties and you always need to prepare for it. There is plenty of water in the sea but the first response must be immediate to avoid any major damage to your boat engine, electronics or luxury items. Install an adequate number of fire extinguishers according to the size of boat. 

  • Sunscreen 

Sunscreen is not only meant for enjoying on the beach, but it is also a very useful topical in the middle of the sea. You remain exposed to the sunlight for a daylong trip while enjoying watersports or fishing. The dry air and sun exposure will cause sunburn that you will notice later after returning from the trip.   

  • Signal flare

Most new manufactures boats are equipped with powerful GPS systems and sonars to find help, if needed. What will you do if the electronic system completely fails to work? Go with the traditional option of signal flare. Keep a flare gun and an adequate number of flares to light up in the sky for seeking help in an emergency. 

Apart from these five essential things, never forget to carry plenty of water. Whether you are sailing in the middle of the sea or a river, the water will more than likely not be suitable for drinking. Consider these things in priority before deploying your boat and you will always stay safe from any potential trouble.

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