Tips to Keep In Mind While You’re On a Whale Sharks Tour in Cancun


It’s not in your everyday routine that you’ll come face to face with the world’s largest fishes. So, whenever you’re going on a whale sharks tour in Cancun, it’s essential for you to know all the precautionary measures. 

Here are some of the tips that will prepare you for the exact moment when you hit the waters and come face to face with the whale sharks. Before you book the tour, you need to understand four major things that you must know. This isn’t a warning for anyone. It’s just you must know that swimming with the whale sharks is quite fun and exhilarating and an unmissable bucket list activity that you need to do in Cancun. 

Guide to make your dream experience better!

  • Make a wise decision by choosing a responsible company – There are various local organizations who operate whale sharks tour in Cancun, so you need to choose wisely. Choose the one that’s eco-friendly and socially responsible. They will never speed via the water around the feeding grounds. There are some operators who’re busy trying to get the tourists towards the sharks while creating the hazards for the snorkelers along with the precious creatures. The whale sharks feed themselves naturally so there’s no need to bait them with food. The good organizations will always limit their time with the sharks, so the customer doesn’t need to overstay. The responsible operators will only allow two people in the water at a specified period to swim with the sharks so that they can keep an eye on the guests and check the sharks are not overwhelmed or not. A responsible operator will always help you out when you’re out swimming with the whale sharks. 
  • Reef-Friendly sunscreen – If you are the one who wants to leave the sharks environment as you found them, then you’re in the right hands. Always choose the operators who take into consideration the reef-friendly biodegradable sunscreen. This type of sunscreen will help you cover up whenever you’re out of water. 
  • Sea-sickness medicine – The best operators will always make sure that you don’t get seasickness. This might ruin your bucket list at any moment. It’s going to be a long boat ride with the whale sharks so the seasickness might kick in. This usually happens when you’re waiting for your turn in the water. The boat will sit out in the middle of the open ocean bobbing upside down. So, if you really need to get rid of the seasickness, you need to seek advice from your local pharmacist about the medication that you need to take. Most of the tour organizations and responsible operators will stop by the local pharmacy on the way to help you out. They might also help you in seeking professional help along with the use of medication. 
  • Always be ready for swimming – Before you hop in the water with the giant beauties, be prepared for what awaits you. Whale sharks are amongst the largest species on the planet and whenever you watch them from the comfort of your boat, these enormous creatures might seem mellow and slow. But once you’re inside water, you’re going to realize how strong, quick and amazing these creatures are. Your boat is going to drop in front of the large fascinating creatures where you need to swim quickly along to say alongside for a moment or two. Always be prepared to swim and for the rush and thrill. Whenever your leader says ‘jump’, be ready to launch yourself from the boat in front of the huge whale shark. 

To sum up, swimming with whale sharks is an experience that you’ll never forget. So, what are you waiting for? Be prepared to swim across the ocean with whale sharks.

Happy Swimming!

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