Tips to Adjust Your Dressing Table and Stool


A bedroom or dressing up room is incomplete without a set of a dressing table and stool. It is the ultimate furniture for pampering yourself at the end of the day. The tradition of it was carried from the 18th century by the aristocrats and has evolved a lot from that time. Let’s face it according to all the girls the most fun of going out is actually the part of getting ready beforehand. Therefore, we recommend trying to squeeze yourself in a dedicated area of pure ritual. It is the place where you are going to cleanse, apply, blend, counter your face with the appropriate amount of quantity and good light, also it is where you are going to store your skincare. Down below we have mentioned the list of the beautiful dressing table and stool ideas to create a space where you can sit down and bring out the inner princess inside you.

  1. PLACE THE MIRROR BESIDE YOUR BED: a simple bedroom set with mirrored bedside table can be a great and unique idea. As it will provide a lot of storage space in the drawers where you can keep al of your skincare and make up stuff. You can also place a beautiful lamp on the table to bring out a beautiful ambiance at night.
  2. BASIC CAN NEVER GO OUT OF STYLE: a bedroom should be a space where you want to rest and enjoy your bedgasm. So, you can keep things simple by being low-key and keep things simple on a table that is placed near your bed. Also, this can be a great place to apply and take off your make up before you go to sleep.
  3. GO FOR AN IKEA HACK: you don’t have space for a table don’t worry, we have covered you with the IKEA hack. You can decorate this space with tangled or missing jewelry and the last part of this dressing table is that it can be an ultimate jewelry organizer. Also, it can be your make-up station along with the addition of a mirror. You can easily create this beautiful space by turning Mosslanda shelves upside down as they will double the storage space and screw hooks can be used to hang the accessories.
  4. MAKE PLACE FOR EVERYTHING: a tray that has all the aromatic candles and a compartmentalized box to store the jewelry is everything you need to pamper yourself at the end of the day. Further, you can keep boxes to stash away your skincare and makeup. To add more romance in the air you can keep roses on the table.
  5. GO GLAM WITH THE GLASS: bring full-on Hollywood glamour to your bedroom with mirrored furniture. To take the wow factor up you can put star bulbs around the mirror to get your makeup on point!

These were dew ideas that are worth trying.

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