Top 5 Tips for Choosing a Laptop


Laptops have become an inseparable part of an individual’s life. Starting from doing day to day work, or organizing all the office data. Even though smartphones and tablets have become advanced to the point that they have all the necessary features a laptop has. But they are still far from as convenient as a laptop.

With so many brands and features, it becomes very hard to choose one laptop for personal use. The number of the brand itself can leave you confused about which brand to choose and what to not.

Well, for that exact reason I am here for you all. In this article, I wi9ll give you a short buying guide for the best Laptops under 50,000.

  1. Operating system

The very first thing that you should look at while buying a Laptop is its Operating system. There are different operating systems that are suitable for different kinds of works. You must select the Operating system that suits well with your requirements.

There are currently three operating systems that you can find on laptops in India.

  • Windows

Windows operating system is one of the highly used operating systems in India. You will find almost 6 out of 10 laptops based on the Windows operating system.

  • macOS

macOS is available for the Apple mac series only. macOS is limited by the number of devices and can not use some of the applications that you can easily use with the help of the Windows operating system.

  • ChromeOS

ChromeOS are found on Chromebook Google’s operating system only. This operating system is very simple to use but it is limited to only a few brands of Laptops. However, some of the best laptops in India are supported by ChromeOS.

  1. Display

Once you are all set with what kind of operating system you are going to buy, the next thing that you must look at is the display of the Laptops. The display of laptops is very important. You obviously would not want to see your images to be of low quality.

Currently, the OLED screen is in demand. Not only does OLED have brighter colors than the other display, but it also puts less pressure on your eyes.

The display of the laptops may also depend on the purpose of the laptops you’re buying. Say, for instance, you are buying the laptop for photoshop purpose purposes. Then that means, you can have a second thought of buying a low-quality display screen. As it may restrict you from doing your work ineffectively.

  1. Processor

The processor is the brain of the computer. The stronger the processor is, the better will be the performance. There are different kinds of processors in the market, each serves the system in different ways.

AMD Ryzen and Intel core processors are very famous in India. So you will find that most of the laptops are supported by these two processors. Each processor enhances the different features of the laptop. So be very cautious while choosing one or your laptop.

  1. RAM

RAM stands for random access memory. It is a volatile memory that stores all the recent activities of your system. Having higher RAM can boost your laptop’s performance. So make sure what kind of work you will be doing, and must have RAM accordingly.

  1. Battery

Battery plays an important role when you are buying a Laptop. A laptop is a device that is carried around for several purposes. Hence, having long battery backup can really reduce some of your tension. However, if you are buying a bulky laptop that is meant to be used as a desktop near a power source, then you may skip this feature.

If you are willing to take a piece of advice, then it will be that you must never believe in the words of the manufacturers on the battery backup. It will be better to read the review of the trusted resources.


Well here you are, I have given all the possible things that you must look while you are out there buying a good laptop for yourself. All the features that I have mentioned above are common for all kinds of people. However, you must not forget your personal choices as well. Your personal preferences matter a lot. After all you will be using this laptop and not me. So you can also add your personal preferences to the list while buying a laptop.

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