Can you imagine missing out on your morning coffee? Exactly. Coffee has quickly grown from being a luxury to a necessity in a short span of time. Although India was among the first countries to have started consumption, the rates were low. Over the last couple of decades, as Indians grew acquainted to globalization-induced commercialism and got ace ss to avenues of pop culture, Coffee set out to wage war on the Indian’s obsession with tea.

Today, coffee is the preferred choice of beverage in most social circles, and it is only growing in popularity. Though there exist preferences and varieties, especially keeping in mind the wide range of blends of coffee that are available today, there is one thing that all coffee aficionados will agree on. There is nothing quite like that first cup of coffee in the morning. The internet is flooded with intricate pop culture references, hilarious memes and several other convincing content stressing on the importance of the first cup of the day. Here to make it even more wholesome are these 6 solid combos from McDonald’s that perfectly complement a cup of coffee, all for just Rs.99 per combo:

  • Dosa Masala Brioche + Coffee: Made with fresh vegetables, and special herbs, the patty of the Dosa Masala Brioche conjures up an authentic South Indian flavour that not only fills your sense, but also your stomach, especially when paired with some coffee. The bread used in this delicacy is a Brioche, which is typical French technique of making fluffy bread.


  • Belgian Waffles + Coffee: Waffles are finally here! The rising popularity of this lip smacking breakfast food has been greeted by fans all across the country, and now you can get your morning sorted with this amazing combo.


  • Masala Scrambled Eggs + Coffee: Remember scrambled eggs from your childhood? With a distinct flavour of home, masala scrambled eggs can help you reminisce and will make you miss your family while you sip some nostalgia from your cup of McCafe coffee.


  • Hot Cakes + Coffee: Hot cakes, or pancakes, are traditionally consumed in the Indian subcontinent in the winter months, but thanks to McDonalds, they’re now available throughout the year. All you have to do is to walk in to your nearest McDonald’s restaurant or Drive Thru, or simply order online. What’s more, this delightful sweet breakfast goes splendid with a steaming cup of coffee.


  • Corn & Spinach Brioche + Coffee: A patty of grilled corn and spinach is enveloped in a crispy brioche, a fancy French bun that is crispy on the outside but soft on the inside. This is the ideal burger to accompany your early morning cup of coffee, as its soft tangy flavour will complement the strong coffee with great effect.


  • McMuffin + Coffee: The McMuffin comes in egg and cheese, sausage, and corn and spinach options. This dish is ideal to with a hot cup of coffee on your way to school, or work. Whatever be your pick, this wholesome combination will keep you charged and satiated till lunchtime.