Switch Your Organization’s Communications to Sip and Save Huge Bucks!


The smooth inter as well as intra-communications within an organization is the key to a successful business. Organizations are increasingly adopting VoIP(Voice-over-IP Telephones) and SIP(Systematic Investment Plan) via major telecommunication service providers to manage voice communications. Organizations are switching to SIP trunk providers in Canada to save on their monthly phone bills. Since the SIP trunking involves minimal investment it is getting popular among small as well as large organizations day-by-day. Below listed are the lesser-known benefits of SIP trunking:

1. Cost Savings

The traditional phone services charge extra for your local, long-distance, and international calling, whereas SIP trunking enables organizations to access cost-effective rates generally billed on a per-user basis. The monthly costs can be predicted beforehand and there is no shock or confusion related to the bill at the end of the month. Organizations have reported saving huge chunks of money by switching their long-distance and international calling to SIP.  

2. Global Potential & Mobility

An organization’s need for faster growth across multiple locations worldwide is successfully supported by SIP. SIP trunk services in Canada allow combining your voice and data into a single network so that the remote workers at your organization’s geographic locations can be consolidated easily. The rapid scalability of SIP allows companies to establish flexibility within their firm by hiring full-time remote workers. 

3. No Physical Infrastructure Required

The installation of traditional phone services required lengthy periods of time to install a new phone line. Additionally, the communication devices required by the remote employees or individuals working from home were another investment on the part of the organization just to connect with colleagues. However, SIP allows organizations to add phone lines by simply connecting handsets to your data connection. Individuals working from home or other geographic locations can be integrated into your company network with a unique phone number and five-digit extension. Hence, along with minimizing the physical infrastructure, the investment in hardware can also be prevented.

4. Immediate ROI

SIP requires only a minimal upfront investment and is a well-established technology. Hence, having no capital investment attracts organizations to switch to SIP and they appreciate cost savings from the first monthly billing statement.

5. Reliability

Traditional phone services are prone to be interrupted due to weather events, shenanigans in the telephone room, or anything else. Whereas, SIP trunking supports communications even in case of some failure by allowing you to route your calls to other offices or employee mobile devices.

6. Simple Management

The easy-to-use administrative portals offered by SIP trunking and VoIP phones allow you to call routing, change extensions, or add phone lines if required. Your IT team never has to use handheld devices to wait on hold to speak to a customer service representative again.

7. Easy and Flexible Communications

SIP trunk providers offer you a full range of communication tools such as video conferencing and fiber-optic Internet connectivity whose benefits include flexible mobility, instant messaging, collaboration apps, and other cloud-based tools for business productivity.

6. Network Consolidation

Organizations that are unaware still pay for telephone voice service and data separately while using a single provider. However, switching to SIP trunking allows organizations to move their voice and data into a single network. This ultimately saves a significant amount of money and increases reliability while increasing the bandwidth demands on your data connection.

Consider shifting to cloud provided SIP trunking services and save huge on your monthly phone bills!

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