Should You Buy Instagram Followers or Grow it Organically?


Instagram has been a vital part of online marketing strategy across marketing agencies and businesses. One of the primary reasons is that more than 200 million users on the said platform check updates from at least one business or brand daily. Having said that, businesses and brands are putting Instagram as one of their top priorities when it comes to their brand awareness campaign and visibility. 

However, since Instagram already has more than 25 million business accounts, businesses, and brands who are just starting up in the market might find it challenging to compete with others. It is because most of their possible competitors may already have established a large following. For this reason, some brands are considering buying Instagram followers to kickstart their presence instead of growing organically.

In this article, we are going to discuss both the benefits of buying Instagram followers and growing your account organically so you could easily decide which one of them is better.

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Benefits of Buying Instagram Followers

  •  It can quickly boost your visibility.

To keep up with the competition, buying Instagram followers will help you boost your visibility since instantly gaining thousands of followers will allow you to attract viewers. The reason is that most users will only follow a business or brand if they see that there are already lots of people following the account. Having a large following will make your profile look authentic and trustworthy.

  • It is easier and takes less effort to build followers.

A lot of marketers and social media managers would agree that growing followers organically would require a considerable amount of time and effort to achieve. By just spending a few bucks, you can get thousands of instant followers overnight. With this, you won’t need to wait for weeks or even months to get your first one thousand followers. 

  • It can make you an instant influencer.

If you are an individual that aims to gain profit using Instagram by becoming an influencer, then buying followers will also help you achieve that goal. Having a career in influencer marketing is an excellent way of getting additional income. Some brands prefer using Influencer marketing to promote their brand and increase brand awareness. They will look for people who have a large number of following and collaborate with them for product endorsement. If brands see that your account has the right amount of followers and you are also within their business niche, then most likely, you’ll be contacted by one of them for product endorsement. 

Benefits Of Growing Your Instagram Following Organically

  •  Provide real engagement

While buying Instagram followers can boost your following count, it doesn’t mean that you can get the same impact when it comes to engagement. Instagram engagement doesn’t stop hitting the following button. It requires comments, direct messages, likes, shares, engagement in polls, and participation in events or contests. If you buy Instagram followers, most of them are just empty accounts and won’t provide engagement in the long run. Some of them are bots that leave irrelevant comments on each of your posts. 

Organic followers, on the other hand, are composed of real persons. You get real comments, likes, and even feedback that you can use to improve your product and customer service. You will get the chance to meet people that are actually interested in what your brand is offering. These people will be much eager to watch your Stories daily, see your newest post, and participate in any possible engagement. With this, it would be easier for your business or brand to generate conversions and increase your sales.

Hashtags, for instance, is one way to get followers organically. It’s a free tool yet very powerful when it comes to boosting your visibility on Instagram. You can use trending hashtag research tool like Hashtagsforlikes to get the most trending and popular hashtags in your niche so people can easily find each of your posts. 

  • Builds credibility

As we have mentioned earlier, buying Instagram followers might get your account to end up having followers that mostly consist of dummy and ghost accounts. If people and even other brands that are looking to collaborate find out that most of your followers are fake accounts, then more likely you’ll lose their trust and affect your credibility in the long run. Getting followers organically, you’ll be confident that whenever people visit your profile, they’ll notice immediately the kind of engagements your account is getting from real people. This signals them that your account is trustworthy and authentic.

The Takeaway

While both provide benefits, we highly recommend building your follower base organically since it will have the best impact on your brand in the long run. Also, it will not put your account at risk for getting shadowbanned since Instagram is constantly purging fake accounts and followers. Getting real people to follow you is the best way to solidify your online presence. And even if it takes time to build followers organically, it will always be worth your effort and time.

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