Quickly get drawn, quickly dry: these simple mehndi designs for kids


Kids are like monkeys! As monkeys are said to imitate what we do. Kids are same like them that they try to imitate what we do. Though they have their choices when they are free and in their own mind. They want to be young seeing us. Perhaps it is a tendency with the time that when we are small we want to be young and when we become young we want to be kids. Especially during weddings that kids enjoy a lot, for them, they are like a kind of amusement park in which they play, do what they want to do and eat what they want to. But they are often stopped by their elders not doing this, not doing that and this thing irritates them a lot. Seeing their aunt in mehndi ceremony where her hands and feet are being done with mehndi, they also want to try but often get stopped by saying these designs are not for you. You must have seen many kids complaining about this kind of elders’ behavior, which they should not show. Rather than that, they should give them simple mehndi designs for kids which are especially for them.

These mehndi designs are not intricate ones and kids themselves draw them. Don’t worry about kids whether they like or not. As we told you above they just want to imitate and nothing else. Any simple mehndi design you can give them to draw, they just get busied in them, and if you worry about them a lot, then during the mehndi ceremony hire two mehndi designers: one for kids and one for you.  Because the mehndi ceremony is not only about bride’s mehndi, whole family is going to get it. if you have more mehndi designers at your wedding ceremonies, the less time gets consumed and more quickly you become ready for Sangeet ceremony.

You must be wondering what are those simple kids mehndi designs that we can suggest. Then here are they; beautiful, simple and attractive that your family kids, guests’ kids or any kid would definitely like.

Though whatever mehndi design you draw in a kid’ hands or feet, they look beautiful like in this little kid’s paw. So cute they are looking. Leaf, flowers, round trail circles, checker design; these motifs are simple and easy to draw without taking much time. Because kids don’t have the patience to sit at one place and wait for their mehndi to dry. So the designs that are simple, take less and dry quickly.

Mostly when you ask a kid what type of mehndi design he/she likes, they always say mostly for flowers and leaves. And you can see them drawing these types of designs in their drawing books. 1:This flower and leaf design are looking simple soberly attractive with three flowers and a leaf tailing them.  A type of Arabic mehndi design it is.

This is also the flower and leaf design with additional creeper and dots tailing below the wrist. Little shades in the flowers are also given. This design is also simple, won’t take a long time and stylistically cover the whole hand. It can dry in one hour.

On the cute hand, a cute mehndi design is with sparkle. Yeah, it is not necessary to always have mehndi on the palm side. You can have it on the front side of your hand. Flowers designs are common and a number of variations you can see in it.

It is a little mandala mehndi design with checkers and little intricacies in them. Best use of lines you can see in this mehndi design covering a finger and whole design on the palm side. If sparkle used, it looked extra beautiful.

This is also a simple mandala mehndi design with fingers half covered by mehndi. A very common design it is. Simple, sober and yet attractive. Don’t know the reason but the more simple a design looks, the more attractive it looks.

Bold and emboss mehndi design it is with small flowers and leaves. When it gets dried, the color of mehndi would go dark. This type of design is mostly found on curtains, though a design can be from anywhere. Very quickly this design can be drawn and it is better if you don’t want kids near you hovering during your mehndi ceremony. Get more info, visit https://www.shaadidukaan.com/

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