Podcasts and Videos -Why This is the Best Time to Invest in Alternative Content?


SEOs are always thinking about creating videos and podcasts. They acknowledge the power of these mediums in helping the overarching inbound marketing goals of their client. 

And yet, despite this acknowledgement, we rarely see SEOs invest a lot of time in making videos or podcasts. Instead, they focus a lot of their efforts on written content/ 

There are many reasons why written content ends up taking the precedence over podcasts & videos. For one, creating written content is easier and can be created by one person alone. The turnaround time for written content is also shorter and a talented content writer can rank content for popular keywords and gain a great stream of traffic. 

The overall cost-benefit scenario of written content is thus more fruitful.

However, videos and podcasts have a place of their own. A brand can create a loyal band of customers at a much faster rate with interactive content in the form of audio and video. 

In this article, we discuss why the current period is a great time to create and release audio and video content. 

Longer Attention Span

If you’re not living under a rock, you already know that the world is going through a pandemic. This means many people are sitting at home with a lot of time on their hand. Remember the time when your audience was stimulated by short bytes of content on social media. These days, those small snippets are no longer enough. Suddenly, the same people have a longer attention span and are on the lookout for quality content. 

Writing long-form articles is one way of reaching such people. However, we know that study after study has shown video and audio content for being generally more preferable when compared to text. Thus, video and podcast content should be trending up right now. 

Availability Of Time

Most SEOs don’t focus on making videos and podcasts because they take up a lot of time. This quandary has been solved as great parts of the world have been put under lockdown. SEOs now have more time than ever and they can use it to understand the process of creating videos &podcasts and promoting them across different platforms. This is a key reason why this period is best suited for developing podcasts and videos. 

In Conclusion

In conclusion, this article covered some of the key reasons why SEOs must be thinking about creating video and podcast content in these few weeks. 

About the Author – Uddhav Thakur has an established career as a marketing analyst and expert. He currently works as a training advisor and strategist at DelhiCourses.in. The institute is known widely as best digital marketing institute in Delhi

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