Most Predicted Features of Upcoming Smartphones!


We are living in an era where the technology is on a hike and we are seeing so many great features which are being introduced in android device recently. But some of the features which are still expected from the smartphones in 2019 and the list is given below. These are the features which we can expect in the upcoming flagships of some smartphones manufacturers. Let’s begin the talk and see for these features.


With iPhone putting a notch on the top of their latest flagship, the industry was mind blown by it and now we can see most of the smartphones coming with an edge-to-edge screen with really big display and a notch cut out on the top of the screen. There are many manufacturers which tend to follow the changes that the iPhone has made in their phone. In the upcoming year, we will a lot of smartphones which will look like that.


When the fingerprint sensors were in trend on the front panel of the device, many smartphones manufactures like LG were designing the smartphone which will push the fingerprint scanner on the back. This thumb war continued a little, but now with the upcoming devices, you will see the scanner will go in the rear panel of the device which is done to give a full display experience to the device. So rarely we will find the front fingerprint scanner on the device in the race of providing the biggest screen on the device. You can buy android phone online with the fingerprint scanner on the rear panel.


The camera is one of the features which are seeing the most changes in recent years. Do you remember the times when there is one primary and one secondary camera on the device? But now, the new phones are generally given the dual camera technology and they are now getting better at the configuration of the front camera as well. The time is near when you will also some good combination of a rear camera in new smartphones. The smartphone manufacturers are not going to stop and they will continue to give bets of the competition to their incumbents.

Wireless charging 

We always run out of battery when we need the phone most. This happens mostly with everyone and we tend to buy the smartphones which have nice battery backup. But with the technology, we are now seeing the smartphones which will be supporting the wireless charging and you will be able to charge your phone anytime and anywhere. This technology is now becoming very popular and soon it will take over the market and you will all the phones being charged wirelessly.

Facial recognition

Along with the fingerprint scanner, the companies are now also trying to have facial recognization security feature in android smartphones. Apple has already introduced this feature. While this feature requires a very tight security system, many smartphone manufacturers are not leaving it behind.

So upcoming devices will have some great features and give an amazing experience to the users. The users can buy nigeria mobile and see for the features themselves.

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