Largest Mid-Size SUV 2021 Volkswagen Atlas Brings Ample Space and More to Market


Looking to buy a vehicle with ample space for passengers and cargo? 

You can’t go wrong with the new Volkswagen Atlas 2021. It is one of the largest vehicles in mid-size SUV segment and has attracted the attention of potential buyers of this category’s cars. Massive practicality along with cavernous interior makes this one of the best automobile to have. 

If spacious cabin along with upgraded modern features is what you’re looking for then opting for Atlas from VW dealer Rancho Cucamonga is the way to proceed. However, if you are still not sure then knowing about this vehicle in detail will help you change your mind to decide buying it. 

Ample space and beautiful interior 

Since the selling point of this car is its spacious cabin along with its straightforward design, it is better if you get an insight into the cabin first. Interior space is described as family-friendly and layout is straightforward. Also, plenty of cup-holders and other small compartments makes it a more practical choice that any other vehicle in this category. Besides, third row seat can accommodate a largely built adult comfortably, which is not available in most mid-size SUVs. 

Utilitarian is how one can portray the interior that is ideal for people looking to haul a large family. It is colossally spacious and can hold almost everything a family is looking to put inside it. Also, stashing small item on several storage nooks makes it quite the car to buy. 

Behind third-row people can place 4 suitcases and this number rises to 38, if last two rows are folded. Hence, it is no doubt that Atlas 2021 is one of the most spacious vehicles in mid-size SUV segment. 

Now have a look at other details of this vehicle!

Other specs of Atlas 2021 

When talking about other specs, engine, performance, price, infotainment, etc. is mentioned below. 

  • Engine details 

People can opt for either 4-cylinder engine that produces 235 HP or V6 that generates 276 HP. VW teamed both engines with automatic 8-speed transmission on FWD or AWD drivetrain. Most people prefer to opt for the V6 model as sounds and feel refined. Mileage offered by four-cylinder engine is 21 mpg (city) and 24 mpg (highway) while V6 provides 17 mpg (city) and 23 mpg (highway). You can know more when you visit Rancho Cucamonga VW dealer.

  • Infotainment 

Irrespective of a trim choice, people will get a well-connected Atlas that is ideal for entertainment. Intuitive touchscreen, smartphone integration, Bluetooth connectivity, Wi-Fi hotspot are just some of the standard features of this vehicle. 

  • Pricing 

7 different Atlas trims are available for people to choose from. The base model starts from $32,565. Rest of the trims are SE ($35,915), SE R-Line ($40,715), SEL ($43,315), SEL R-Line ($45,015), SEL Premium ($48,215), SEL Premium R-Line ($51,715). For the best driving experience and ideal comfort opting for one of the higher-end trims is always suggested. 

So, all you need now is to choose a suitable version and book it immediately as you will not get a better mid-size SUV with such spacious cabin and more!

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