ISO 27001 for startups – is it worth


Basic facts about ISO 27001

ISO 27001 is an international standard. It is published by the International Standardization Organization. It describes how to manage information security with in a company. The latest version of standard was in 2013. It was published starting in the year of 2005 and developed based on the British standards.

ISO 27001 in Hyderabad can be implemented in any kind of organizations Private or GOVT, small-medium-large. It was written by the world best experts. It also enables companies to become certified.

How ISO 27001 will work?

ISO 27001 main focus is to protect integrity and availability of the information in a company. The main Philosophy of ISO 27001 is based on managing risk: find out where is the risk and systematically treat them. This is completed by finding out what are the potential problems could happen to information and then defining what are the needs to be solve the problems.

ISO 27001 implementation will be about setting the organizational rules that are needed in order to prevent security breaches. Similar implementation will require multiple policies, procedures, people, assets, etc. to be managed, ISO 27001 has described how to fit all these elements together in the information security management system (ISMS).

So, managing information security is not only about IT security (i.e., firewalls, anti-virus, etc.) – it is also about managing processes, legal protection, managing human resources, physical protection, etc.

Why is ISO 27001 good for the company?

There are 4 Fundamental business benefits that a company can achieve with the implementation of this information security standard:

  • Comply with legal requirements
  • Achieve marketing advantage
  • Lower costs
  • Better organization

What does ISO 27001 actually look like?

ISO 27001 is Divide into 11 sections, plus Annex A. Sections 0 to 3 are introductory, while sections 4 to 10 are mandatory – meaning that all their requirements must be implemented in an organization if it wants to be compliant with the standard. Controls from Annex A must be implemented only if declared as applicable in the Statement of Applicability.

The section titles in ISO 27001 Consulting Services in Hyderabad are the same as in ISO 22301:2012, in the new ISO 9001:2015, and other management standards, equip easier couplings of these standards.

Introduction – explain the purpose of ISO 27001 and its compatibility

Scope – explains this standard is applicable to any type of organization.

Normative references – refers to ISO 27000 as a standard where terms and definitions are given.

Context of the organization – this section is part of the Plan phase in the PDCA cycle and defines requirements for understanding external and internal issues, interested parties and their requirements, and defining the ISMS scope.

Leadership – this section is part of the Plan phase in the PDCA cycle and defines top management responsibilities, setting the roles and responsibilities, and contents of the top-level Information security policy.

Planning – this section is part of the Plan phase in the PDCA cycle and defines requirements for risk assessment, risk treatment, Statement of Applicability, risk treatment plan, and setting the information

Support – this is part of the Plan phase in the PDCA cycle. It defines requirements for availability of resources, competences, awareness, communication, and control of documents and records.

Operation – this is part of the Do phase in the PDCA cycle. It defines the implementation of risk assessment and treatment, as well as controls and other processes needed to achieve information security objectives.

Performance evaluation – this section is part of the Check phase in the PDCA cycle. It defines requirements for monitoring, internal audit and management review.

Improvement – this section is part of the Act phase in the PDCA cycle and defines requirements for nonconformities, corrections, corrective actions and continual improvement.

How to implement ISO 27001

To implement ISO 27001 in your company, you have to follow these steps:

1) Get top management support

2) Use project management methodology

3) Define the ISMS scope

4) Write the top-level Information security policy

5) Define the Risk assessment methodology

6) Perform the risk assessment and risk treatment

7) Write the Statement of Applicability

8) Write the Risk treatment plan

9) Define how to measure the effectiveness of your controls

10) Implement all applicable controls and procedures

11) Implement training and awareness programs

12) Perform all the daily operations prescribed by your ISMS documentation

13) Monitor and measure your ISMS

14) Perform internal audit

15) Perform management review

16) Implement corrective actions

How to get ISO 27001 standard? 

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