I Got Distracted And Caused An Accident – Will I Be Sued?


Car accidents are common and occur due to causing factors like inexperienced driving, drunk driving, and failure to yield. It can result in unbearable losses, which might cost high medical bills, especially in cases of head injuries since brain surgeries are intensely expensive. In some cases, the accident’s impact can also result in wrongful death. 

Although the driver did not cause the accident, the losses endured can be claimed by the negligent party despite the severity. Usually, car accidents can create emotional trauma and distress. Such pain and suffering can also be compensated through an insurance claim.

Naturally, the victim becomes vulnerable due to the accident’s shock and cannot deal with the legal procedures with full consciousness. A car crash lawyer Rockford can offer legal help. The lawyer will take care of all the legal aspects, including seeking an insurance claim.

What is distracted driving?

A driver who has received their original driving license is only allowed to drive by law. Even if you are practicing driving lessons, you are advised not to drive on the roads, especially in traffic, since you are not experienced enough and can unintentionally cause an accident, which is dangerous for you and the other party driving in the same lane. 

Additionally, all drivers are expected to diligently follow the traffic rules, including wearing seatbelts, using indicators while turning left or right, and turning on the hazard lights if you are stopping on the highways, especially at night since it can be dark. The driver might not be able to spot a car stopping on the side of the lane. 

A driver should not consume food, do make-up, text, or speak to someone on the phone. Basically, a driver should not use a phone when driving since it can distract their focus on the road and result in a car accident which could have been avoided easily. Usually, people think they can multitask, like doing other things simultaneously. However, driving involves patience, discipline, and utmost concentration where their focus should only be on their driving, and they also carry the responsibility of their passengers’ lives. 

Therefore, if a driver unintentionally causes an accident because of their distraction, the victim who got injured due to their negligence has the right to file a lawsuit and sue them for being distracted while driving.


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