How Electric Shutters are the best Investment to any business?


A combination of aluminium in the field of electric shutters has created a product that is worth every penny and has many qualities that are not to be missed.

Electric shutters – three main advantages

  • Safer than manual one- electric shutters are safer because they do not involve complex physical action. A shutter-side switch or remote control will definitely suffice to turn them on. Anyone can run them, from people with disabilities, children and the elderly. They are equipped with an electric system controlled by remote control for maximum convenience.
  • High Security – As mentioned above, aluminium is strong metal that is not broken and is not biodegradable, remained stable and safe from weather damage and burglaries. Also, the flexibility of the metal allows it to be assembled in different and varied shapes. Aluminium electric shutters are the highest quality that can be found on the market.
  • By stabilization – continued strength of the aluminium is also a variety of designs allows. Today you can paint the electric shutters in any color you choose. Today, there are aluminium shutters with a modern design, which you can design in a way that suits the design atmosphere of the whole warehouse.

At the same time, there are also disadvantages to assembling electric shutters but these do not relate to the quality of the shutter but to the quality of the supplying company and the quality of the assembly. A motor of electric shutters may break down and its replacement or repair will cost you a lot of money. If you buy shuttering service from the well established rolling shutters manufacturers then you won’t face any problem.

Types of electric shutters and innovations in the field

Electric shutters made of aluminium can come in a variety of options: pull-up aluminium, foamed aluminium, light shutters with small spaces between shutters and shutters or bar-like shutters dangling from above. Electric shutters are rolled into the motor fixed inside the wall. They are suitable for home use and for all types of entrance, industrial use or as a garage door.

Light and heat sensors, rain sensors and wind sensors can be added to the shutters. With simple programming you can decide on the amount of light according to the hours of the day, closing when it is raining or in strong wind. The guiding principle of electric shutters is the simplicity of operation in the face of the safety and security that the shutters provide to the occupants of the house, store or factory.

If you have a problem with the proper operation of the shutter, first check if in the case of the fuse of the electric shutter jumped as a result of a short circuit that you may not have been aware of. If this is the problem – lift the fuse and try the shutter again. Maybe now it’s going to work. If this is not the case, try pressing the shutter power switch in both directions and see if the shutter works properly. If the shutter is still stuck and the problem is not resolved, order a professional electric shutter facility, and we hope the problem is resolved soon.

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