How Cesium Chloride Is Beneficial For The Treatment Of Cancer


What is Cesium Chloride?

Part of a nutrition plan called the high pH therapy; cesium chloride is an alkaline mineral salt using a combined salt and a supplement approach, it balances the ph of the body by reducing the load on overworked systems.

Cesium chloride has been used on cancer treatments since the 1930s. Cesium chloride has been used for the treatment of a disease like cancer because it is one the few molecules which can penetrate cancer cells as cancer cells are acidic, and their outer membrane is impenetrable from the normal antibodies. It can directly impact the immunity of the body. The knowledge of cesium chloride for cancer is very less.

From a hypothesis of high pH cancer therapy, oral intake of cesium chloride for cancer is an alternative method for cancer treatment.

Cesium High pH Therapy:

Cesium, high pH therapy, was induced by Keith Aubrey Brewer, a famous and brilliant American physicist. Cesium targets the cancer cells differently. Cesium is quickly absorbed by the cancer cells. A sufficient amount of potassium must be used alongside cesium because using cesium alone can create a potassium deficiency in the body. There has been a recent discovery of a liquid ionic form of Cesium and potassium which has been more effective and safe for the treatment of cancer. This must be carried out with extreme precaution you shall not take cesium chloride in the form of a capsule because it can disturb the rhythm of the heart and can create an imbalance of the mineral levels in a body.

You shall always make sure that if you want to follow this approach, you must do it under the supervision of the doctor. While you are on the treatment, you must get your potassium levels checked regularly and never skip. Cesium chloride has provided great benefits to some people who have cancer.

It comes in a non-radioactive salt form of this element. It raises the intracellular pH, which makes it hard for the cancer cells to survive, which stops them from multiplying. In technical terms, cesium does not kill the cancer cells. It performs in a way which allows the immunity to kill the cells. Apart from killing the cancer cells indirectly, it stops the process of metastasis of cancer, which results in shrinking of the size of the tumor within weeks. It also results in stopping the pain of cancer within 24 to 48 hours. The probability is also that it can revert the cancer cells to normal cells.

What are some of the benefits of the Cesium chloride for cancer:

  • It increases the alkaline nature of cancer cells.
  • It disrupts the potassium concentrations inside the cells.
  • It neutralizes the lactic acid which results in the cells to stop multiplying uncontrollably.
  • It limits the intake of glucose within a cell.
  • It stops the process of fermentation, one of the effects of limiting the glucose.

Thus, this is how Cesium chloride is beneficial for the cancer treatment, and if you are looking for more information on this issue, you can pay a visit to the utopia wellness online and learn much more about cesium chloride for cancer.

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