Insiders Tips On Planning a Visit to Grampians National Park


Going on a Grampians National Park tour of the stunning mountain range there is extremely picturesque and leaves you with the wow factor is what you may need to do in the coming vacation period. If you want to see the breathtaking waterfalls and the sandstone cliffs along with a lush green forest to captivate you, then the Grampians national Park tour is what you’ve been looking for. You could easily spot many of the Australian wildlife species that cannot be found anywhere else – kangaroos, emus, ostriches, and platypus.

Here’s how you can plan the entire Grampians National Park tour:

  • Plan how you’re going to get there

The Grampian tour is three hours west of Melbourne, and the cheapest way to get to this national park is by road by driving. It is also the fastest way to get there. Book a tour with Localing tours or any agency, focused on giving you the local experience rather than the tourist experience, and let them handle all the details of your Grampians National Park tour. If you are outside of Australia and are planning this trip to Melbourne’s park, the easiest way to get there is through the flight by flying into Melbourne airport, also known as the Tullamarine airport. And then it’s about a half-hour by taxi or bus to the national park itself. Maybe pre-booking an airport car would be cheaper and easier.

  • Consider the best time to visit

Quite honestly, there is no bad time to visit the Grampians National Park tour. It depends primarily on your preference. Each season comes with its own perks and highlights; they also have their own downfalls. However, the busiest month is February, along with June and December. On the other hand, the least busy month is July. Visit whenever that makes you feel most comfortable and suits your schedule. Note that during the spring season, the waterfalls are their highest peak on the wildlife and the most active, along with the spring flowers’ bloom. However, during the winter period, the air is a little bit chillier and perfect for hiking or running. The crowd is lesser in the winter, and it’s the perfect time to enjoy a campfire.

  • The Grampian weather

The weather tends to vary from season to season; however, the average temperature always is about 26° celsius, which is 80° Fahrenheit. There is always a consistent gentle breeze through the Grampians National Park tour, and she’s about 2 to 6 days of precipitation during the winter, spring and fall. Always make sure to check the weather before you venture out on your tour.

  • What should you bring?

A Grampians National Park tour in walls sightseeing along with a few short hikes. Considering that, it would be a great idea to bring some comfortable yet sturdy shoes that you could enjoy the walk with. This may be the trip of all trips for you, so ensure to bring your camera. Another necessity will be a portable phone battery If the plan is to capture photos on your phone rather than a camera DSLR.

  • What should you lookout for the most

A trip to the Grampians National Park will not be complete without these few things on your itinerary. Plan a relaxing time by the silver band falls, have lunch at Hauz gap and see the wild kangaroos along with unique bird species that you can see nowhere else. Walkthrough the breathtaking sandstone cliffs and rocky gorge. Walking up the Trail Bluff up to the famously known McKenzie falls is also one night and every item that you should not miss. On the other hand, the best views of the Grampians can be seen from the Boroka lookout. Do not miss out on these amazing items and views.

You’re all set for your Grampians National Park Tour!

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