Get Your Woollen Wear Because Winter Is Coming!


Winters can prove to be harsh for the skin and one’s health. One never wants to leave the comfort of one’s bed and the warmth of the comforter. It is one big lazy time for one and also when one needs several layers of clothes to keep colds and coughs at bay. So here are essential winter clothing for women.

Wool Coat:it is one thing in your wardrobe that you will be using the most in those cold freezing months. These coats are the perfect examples of the happy marriage of comfort and style. They will keep you warm and also give you Insta ready pictures. When you go coat shopping, opt for a loose-fitting one so that you can pile on layers underneath. Choose modern silhouette so that you can stand apart in the crowd. Go for two colours: one in shades like black, grey and navy blue and another one in bold colours like orange, red and fuchsia etc.

Trench Coat: it is a classic piece that every female must have in her closet. Camel coloured trench coat is one of the all-time favourites of women who live in cold places or experience winters. These coats give you a classy and sexy look. Most of them are waterproof so if rains are giving you chills, then trench coat can save your day. Accessorize it with boots and a tote bag and you are all set to make the heads turn.

Thermal wear for ladies: every girl and woman must have thermal wear for ladies in their wardrobe. Wearing layers of clothes is not at all comfortable but the right thermal wear will ensure that there is no need for layers.

Why is thermal wear a key component of woollen wear?

Thermals are available for mild, moderate and extreme weather conditions. Just choose the right fabric and you are set for comfortable winters without feeling bulky. One can wear any outfit over the thermals so look stylish no matter how cold it is.

Multiple layers might give you warmth but also cause a lot of discomforts. It will make you sweat more. It will stick to your skin, clothes and you will be helpless to do anything about it. It will also body movements. However, that is not the case with thermal wear. High-quality materials like the merino wool manage the moisture and keep the wearer dry. The elasticity will also ensure that you can move your hands and legs freely.

Thermal wear is lightweight and thus making not making one feel restricted. They are suitable for intense activities such as skiing, ice climbing, mountaineering and backpacking etc.

Polished Blazer: Wool coats or trench coats might not work for your work needs so why not invest in a polished blazer. Slip in a sweater (or two) and pair it with an oversized customised blazer. Women who border on the heavier side can opt for a narrow lapel to slim down their look.
These must-have woollen wear will surely keep your winters stylish!

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