Endoscopy, a great procedure for stone extraction


Endoscopy is basically a procedure in which a tube-shaped tool is inserted in the body to have a view of the internal organs. Endoscopy is a life saver process in medical science these days. In early days doctors were not able to treat the internal body issues with complete efficiency but with endoscopy, efficiency has increased a lot. The tube which is inserted has a camera in front of it which sends the images to the display of the machine. There are many reasons as of why endoscopy is done, some of which are

  • Investigate the disease

The basic purpose of endoscopy is to investigate any disease. To observe the organs minutely and observing their behavior. It helps the doctor to investigate what is causing the internal bleedings, vomiting, abdominal pain or any other body pain.

  • Take Samples

The doctor can easily examine one’s body by taking samples of the tissues in order to run certain tests on them. The doctor cannot prescribe medicine without actually knowing the disease or the reason causing the disease. Secondly, he or she also has to check how your body reacts to a certain type of medicine or is your body capable of the dose the doctor wants to give you.

  • Treatment

The doctor can treat the patient’s diseases caused by the internal organs by directly using special tools along with the tube. He could directly medicate the specific part and also minor surgeries are done with the help of this procedure. Procedures such as sealing the fallopian tube or removing minor tumors from the patient’s digestive system or even the lungs are easily possible with no risks with the help of endoscopy.

Endoscopy is widely used for stone extraction. In this, the tube has a camera, a light, and a device to break the stone. This procedure is carried out by an urologist. An urologist is a doctor who is a specialist in the urinary system. The doctor uses an endoscopy stone extraction balloon. Kidney stones are clusters of very minute crystals that sometimes get formed in the kidneys. Most of the clusters are too small to cause any such problems and they pass out of the body in the urine. Sometimes these clusters and come together to form bigger clusters which may become big enough to block the urinary passages.

Small kidney stones will not show any symptoms but the big ones can cause bleeding and pain and the feeling of being unwell. This might lead you to refer to a doctor who uses a certain instrument called balloon (used in endoscopy) which he gets from a stone extraction balloon dealer. These balloons come in different diameters and with different specifications which include the balloon strength and the effective stone extraction capability. Endoscopy generally takes an hour or so. It doesn’t even require any big preparations for the process. Endoscopy is a painless process using endoscopy stone extraction balloon which has turned out to be a lifesaver in today’s running world.

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