Don’t forget to Exfoliate your skin before a tanning session!


Spray tan in OKC has gained immense recognition as the easiest and safest way to get that fabulous bronzed look. Wondering what makes it so safe? Well, it is the spray tanning that necessarily involves the dyeing of dead skin cells, which can be found on the uppermost skin layer. Don’t worry, the chemicals don’t pass or absorb into your bloodstream. Certainly, the procedure is 100% safe when the solution is applied. 

The main ingredient in the tan solution is the DHA, also known as Dihydroxyacetone. Basically, it is a bronzing additive, which simply reacts with the present amino acids on the skin layer. As a result, your natural skin tone adapts a brown hue. 

But you know what the foremost key step to making it long-lasting is? That is exfoliation! For the same reason, brands like Slate OKC providing the best spray tan in OKC recommend their clients to go for deep exfoliation before the session. It is the removal of dead skin cells to reveal newer and younger skin underneath. Exfoliating the skin thoroughly cleanses the skin, unclog the pores, and reduce the breakouts. As a result, you get an excellent base for spray tan sessions. 

Besides, shaving also plays a vital role in this. It primarily exposes the hair follicles and allows a better shave. It removes ingrown hairs that are left behind waxing. 

The exfoliation process is commonly done while bathing with a high-quality body scrub or some sort of organic exfoliator. Experts also recommend using tanning mitts, gloves that are made of rough material, and nimbly scrub off the dead skin cells. And guess what the best thing about exfoliating is? It also improves blood circulation and releases unwanted toxins from the skin layer. 

Ultimately, exfoliating before the procedure upgrades the tan experience while making your skin soft, smooth, and bright. So, don’t forget to pay attention to the dry areas like ankles, elbows, soles, knuckles, heels, and knees as these regions are prone to losing skills very quickly. 

So, are you all set to go for a gorgeous and glowing spray tan? Try out Slate OKC’s organic brown sugar spray tan, and get that flawless tan in just 20 mins or less! You can even upgrade it with contouring, dry finishing, prep spray, or a rapid shower. They love to welcome all shapes, sizes, and skin tones. Sounds great, isn’t it? Schedule your appointment today

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