Different Types of Hair Wigs You Can Try for an Instant Transformation


There are some smart tricks to attain instant transformation in our appearance without letting anyone notice. Most people prefer expensive and time-consuming makeup products. Try something distinctive with human hair wigs. Gone are those days when wigs were only meant for hiding baldness. Now you can find stylish wigs that can change your overall appearance in just a few minutes. They look exactly like real hair and available in numerous variations. From natural blonde human hair wigs to synthetic hair, everything is available in the market. Some of them need stylization whereas others are meant for ready to go after wearing. While choosing the most suitable piece from the available options, you will definitely confuse. This article is going to make you understand all types of popular wigs with their pros and cons. Here is some useful information to read.

Types of hair wigs you can consider for a makeover

  1. Human hair wigs

Exactly as the name is referring, this type of wig is made up of human here. You will get a real look without any compromise with this moving. You have to take care of it’s share exactly like actual hair. Africa, India and Europe are the primary preferences of human hair wigs. Indian hair remains in huge demand because of their customizability according to the desire of a client. They are more expensive than synthetic hair. 

  1. Synthetic hair wigs

Synthetic material can also give you a realistic look and it is very affordable. As compared to straight or blonde human hair wigs, synthetic wigs have a short lifespan. They are affordable and you can do a lot of experiments without worrying about damage. Colour them with any kind of shade. Even synthetic hair wigs are safe from heat to an extent. Therefore, curling horses straightening them is very convenient. If you prefer short to mid-length hair and don’t have enough time to maintain them like the real one, a synthetic wig is the best option to consider. 

  1. Monofilament hair wigs

In the synthetic category, monofilament wigs are the best options to consider because of their natural look. Usually, nylon micro mesh or polyester is used in manufacturing. Good quality monofilament wigs attached by hands which is a time-consuming task. Expert level handwork is the main reason behind its high price. 

  1. Lace front hair wigs

Instead of covering the entire scalp, this week is meant for the front portion only. Laces are strong enough to survive unexpected tearing or ripping. After applying on the scalp, the user can customise its hairline according to the personal preferences. 

  1. Full lace wigs

This is the extended version of lace front hair wigs. You can buy full lace curly human hair wigs and synthetic human hair wigs in the market. They are highly customisable because you can give any unique style and partition conveniently. They have a longer lifespan and are more expensive than normal here because of their versatility. 

In the best human hair wigs construction, different types of knots are used. Their material can be welded lace, single monofilament, double monofilament, polyurethane, French drawn or glass-silk. In both synthetic and natural human hair wigs, you will find the following different types of knots:-

  • Single knot
  • Double knot
  • Single split knot
  • Double split knot
  • Direct inject knot
  • V-loop Knot

This is some useful information to help you in finding the most suitable synthetic or human hair bob wigs from the market. Before buying, do some research on the top brands currently selling human hair wigs

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