Choosing Timeless Jewelry Gifting Items for Regular Wear


Jewelry is not always something filthy expensive made with gold, platinum and diamonds. It is true that expensive metals and stones have a unique texture that keeps them stand apart from the crowd of fake jewelry items. Such materials are rare, as well as known for their timeless grace. However, it is not feasible to wear expensive ornaments on a regular basis. If you want to gift something memorable to the loved ones, wearable jewelry is the best option. Gifting them expensive rings, bracelets and necklaces is a way to express the gestures of love and respect. The problem is, they cannot wear expensive jewelry embellished with sharp curves on a regular basis. While choosing timeless jewelry for regular wear, you are free to opt-out from any type of metal and personalize it with special quotes. For instance, I am enough ring or bracelet quote will add a unique affectional factor in the jewelry you are buying. We have some useful tips to help you in figuring out the best jewelry for regular wear in style. 

Choosing stylish yet durable jewelry gifting items

  1. Durable metal

While selecting best friend gifts in the jewelry section, make sure that you are choosing a durable metal. Gold and platinum are strong, malleable and ductile but not enough to serve the purpose of wearing on a regular basis. How about choosing stainless steel? Don’t worry, steel jewelry items also come with electroplating of expensive metals. In order to add some glitter and charm, you can choose Swarovski crystals. 

  1. Electroplating warranty

While choosing electroplated jewelry, don’t forget to confirm its warranty. A lot of ornaments plated with platinum and gold lose their layer in just a few months. Consequently, the inner metal starts appearing which ruins the look of the ornament. Top brands of plated jewelry give a lifetime warranty against plating depreciation. 

  1. Personalization space

While ordering personalized rings for mom, sister or girlfriend, consider the factor of customization. Choose a seller who is providing the option of engraving special quotes on a ring or bracelet. You can also select the jewelry items already engraved with such kinds of messages. If any of them is meeting your expectation, place the order or suggest something unique. 

  1. User-friendly

When we talk about user-friendly factors, you need to consider both the convenience of where as well as the safety of nearby things. A regular wear ornament should be skin-friendly so that you don’t have to face the issue of allergic reactions. Also, make sure that its embellishment work is not sharply detailed. Sharp edges can snag in fabrics and damage your expensive clothes. There is also a risk of scratching soft materials accidentally with such ornaments. 

Along with these four factors, don’t forget the perfect fitting aspect. If you don’t know their exact size, find a jewelry item which is universally adjustable on different sizes of wrists, necks and fingers. 

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