Top 5 CBD Products and Their Significance for Your Pets in Detail


When it comes to medical marijuana, CBD has a good reputation worldwide. It is among the abundantly available cannabidiols in the cannabis plant that comprises no intoxicating property. From the last decade, various new discoveries come to existence elaborating on the significance of cannabis extract for humans. If you separate its intoxicating THC part, the remaining cannabidiols comprises numerous medicinal properties. CBD based oils, tinctures, edibles, and health supplements are legal and globally popular. Have you ever thought about trying them on your pets as dog paw balm or special treat? Yes. it is true that CBD is also beneficial for our cats and dogs from many perspectives. However, their products differ from humans. Here is a list of top trending CBD products especially meant for pets.

  • Dog paw balm

Your doggy must be the most active member of the entire family. Their metabolism is much faster than humans that is why you see them running all day in and out. They do not wear shoes and run on every kind of surface without caring about injuries or any kind of infection. Consequently, cracks or wounds may occur. Running on a hot surface, chilling snow and uneven surface is the main reason why you notice a small or big crack on their paws. Only a good quality moisturizer can help them in soothing. It is advisable to prefer dog paw balm infused with CBD concentrates. The composition of CBD oil with moisturizers like coconut oil and manuka honey makes it a perfect soothing dog paw balm.

  • Cats and dogs treat

How about adding some healthier ingredients in the treats of your pets? Cats and dogs love their special treat biscuits because of their yummy flavors. Peanut butter, chocolate, and fruits are some of the most popular flavors that one can find in a pet’s food store. Along with vitamins, minerals, proteins, and other nutrients, adding CBD oil can enhance the potential of immunity building. CBD is not only meant for dog paw cream but also promotes health in different ways. Issues like allergic reactions, digestion problems, nausea, seizures, and stress are healable with CBD products.

  • Tinctures

Tinctures are the concentrated extracts of cannabis leaves. The pet tinctures contain pure CBD extracts free from any psychoactive intoxication. Pour drops in their mouth with a dropper as a regular health supplement. If they don’t like this way, add these drops in their food. Apart from cats and dogs, tinctures are also beneficial for the health of rabbits and horses. Your pets have an endocannabinoid digestive system to maintain functional balance in the body. If symptoms like cancer, arthritis, and anxiety are becoming apparent in your pets, putting them on the health supplements of CBD can help in recovering faster.

The CBD products like dog paw balm, tinctures and edibles are 100% natural. Make sure that you are consulting with an expert vet before deciding the daily dosage limit.

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