Best Place To Buy Mattress in Toronto


Mattresses have a direct relationship with our sleep.

  • The better the mattress, the better is our sleep since good mattresses not only support our body while sleeping but also help in reducing back problems and improving our sleep.
  • Based on the size, weight and flexibility you can now order mattresses online. You can choose between a 12 inch mattress in a box or 10 inch mattress delivered right to your door.

If statistics are to be believed, a report presented by National Sleep Foundation in 2011 states that mattresses impact our sleep by as much as 92%. Such figures evidently point out at the importance of buying the right mattresses for sleep.

If you are a resident of Toronto and are looking for best places to buy mattresses in Toronto, look no further. Matty Sleeps is an online mattress selling company that will be one-stop-solution to all your mattress-related queries. It doesn’t matter if you need a mattress in a box in Toronto, a single mattress, twin mattress, queen mattress, or a double mattress, Matty Sleeps will have a solution for it all.

Matty Sleeps has a wide range of mattresses that come with a 10-year guarantee. But that is just the tip of the iceberg! You also get a free 30-day trial and free shipping. Also, you do not have to pay any extra charges in case you want to return the mattress. Isn’t that great!

The Matty Mattresses come in all sizes – single, double and queen size. If you are looking for cheap mattresses in Toronto that do not compromise with quality, Matty Sleeps is the right place. The single Matty mattress in Toronto measure 39”x74”x11” and cost only C$499. But with the ongoing deals and offers, the same mattress is available for purchase for C$299 only. That is a whopping C$200 off on your favorite mattress!

In case you are looking for a double mattress in Toronto that strikes the right balance between being soft and firm whilst ensuring comfort, Matty Sleeps has a solution. Its double mattresses measure 54”x74”x11” and help in providing the best sleeping experience to you at a very nominal price of C$ 569 only. But by availing the ongoing discount of C$ 200, the same mattress is available for C$ 369 only, thus making the deal totally worth it.

For the ones seeking a good quality queen size mattress,  Matty Sleeps provides an excellent solution with its wide range of queen size mattresses measuring 60”x80”11”. The mattresses adjusts with your body shape to provide you a cool and undisturbed sleeping experience. These queen mattresses in Toronto cost only C$399 after a discount of C$200 from its original price of C$599 along with a 10 year warranty.

Matty Mattresses are made with premium fabrics and good quality sponge case and coils that not only increase the sleeping surface but also adjust according to the body shape of a person.  That’s not it! These mattresses have increased breathability and are highly durable. The mattresses are delivered in proper packing and no charges are incurred on their delivery. So now with the perfectly sized Matty mattresses, there will be no more sleeping problems.

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