A Quick Guide to Commercial Epoxy Flooring


In a commercial setting, you want to always opt for the best quality, most durable flooring option, which is long-lasting, functional, and aesthetically pleasing. When it comes to different options, commercial epoxy flooring is one of the most popular options due to its innumerable advantages.

Epoxy floor coatings are applied over cured concrete floors. This creates a binding agent and delivers high shine and polished look to the floor. There are a variety of different colors, patterns, and shapes which you can create with the help of epoxy floor coatings and paints. This not only proves to be a functional option, but it also provides a certain aesthetic appeal to the otherwise dull looking floors. Here are some of the top 6 advantages that you need to know about commercial epoxy flooring:

  1. Epoxy flooring creates a seamless surface which is easy to clean: If applied properly, epoxy floor coatings can dry to become glossy, polished, seamless surfaces. This kind of surface is typically oil and stain resistant. In case there are any spills, it is very easy to clean by simply wiping it away. Commercial epoxy flooring is very easy to clean and maintain, making it an extremely popular choice amongst commercial environments.
  2. Epoxy floors are chemically resistant: When working in a commercial or industrial setting, chemical spills and accidents are quite a common occurrence. If you have floors which are not resistant to these kinds of spills, then you can end up eventually damaging the floors which will again cost a lot of money to repair. However, epoxy floor coatings form a hard and chemically resistant surface which is great in a commercial setting.
  3. Productivity and safety increase: Commercial epoxy flooring is seamless and smooth and extremely durable. The constant heavy foot traffic or movement and transport of vehicles do not wear down the polished surface of the epoxy floors. This reduces the wear and tear on the transport vehicles, allowing them to move faster, increase productivity, and also reduce wear and tear on the floors.
  4. Safety for the workers: One of the characteristics of epoxy floor coating is the fact that this kind of flooring is able to reflect light better, thus making the interiors brighter without investing in lights or windows. Increased brightness means more visibility inside the work floor, which increases the safety of the staff working on the floor as well.
  5. Very easy to apply: Commercial epoxy flooring is actually very easy to apply and is self-leveling. There are a few factors you need to keep in mind first, such as keeping the correct temperature for applying this coating so that the paint does not bubble or peel off. You also need to ensure that there are no cracks or holes in the concrete surface. If there are any cracks, then you need to fix it first before applying the epoxy coating on it. Once you have taken care of this, is it extremely easy to apply the epoxy coating on the concrete floors.
  6. Cost efficient solution: Every company is always looking for the most cost-effective solutions to their problems. Epoxy floor coatings offer a strong, durable and resilient surface which can last for decades. It is easy to clean and maintain and can offer a variety of different looks to your commercial floors. There is very little need for maintenance and keeping up costs, making commercial epoxy flooring a cost-efficient solution for your floors.

So, these are the top 6 advantages of opting for commercial epoxy flooring and how popular this option is in the commercial environment. Besides them, there are many more reasons for its huge popularity.

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