A Complete Guide to Choosing Good Quality Synthetic Turf


Are you looking for a reliable turf that requires no efforts for maintenance but always remain green? The only thing you can expect in this category is synthetic turf. Everyone loves greenery on the lawn but keeping it green forever is a difficult task. A lush green turf need:- 

  1. Watering
  2. Fertilizers 
  3. Pesticides 
  4. Mowing 

All these services sometimes go out of your affordability. Choose the option of fake lawn in Sydney in that case. Many questions must be coming in your mind such as “how it feels like? Will, it fades away with time? What is the life of synthetic turf? Is it affordable?” This article will explain everything in detail. We are going to guide you with the most appropriate options according to the requirements and budget. The first thing to consider is its material. Nowadays, synthetic turfs are available in multiple polymer materials. As per the current trends, three popular materials are highly in demand including;- 

  1. Polyethylene 
  2. Nylon 
  3. Polypropylene

Features to expect in a fake lawn in Sydney 

  • Fade-resistant 

Turf generally remain outside on the lawn or at your terrace where it gets a lot of exposure. Consequently, fading is an obvious thing. Natural turf turns into pale brown if there is too much heat or lacking water. On the other hand, a well-processed synthetic turf does not lose its green colour for years. Before buying, ask the warranty period and whether it is covering the colour resistance or not. 

  • Durable 

If it is not durable, it is worthless. No matter how costly synthetic turf you are buying for your lunch. If it cannot resist the heavy movements, soon you will have to find a new synthetic turf brand. A good quality synthetic turf can easily survive around 10-12 years. Read the warranty card carefully to be sure about it’s robustness. 

  • Natural-looking

The synthetic turf is obviously made up of polymers which are not natural. Still, we expect a natural look exactly like the real one. Not all synthetic materials comprises the properties of looking natural. Contact a seller who is providing multiple options of fake grass in Brisbane to choose from. 

  • Natural feel

not only natural look but the natural feel is also important when it comes to buying a synthetic turf. Some synthetic polymers are hard whereas others are soft. Along with softness, you also need to pay attention to its durability as mentioned above. 

  • Least maintenance

The main purpose of using fake grass in Brisbane is less maintenance. Read the maintenance tips carefully on the manual before buying the turf. It should require the least possible water to wash away the dirt and do not allow any kind of pests to thrive inside. 

Which material is perfect for synthetic turf?

We have already mentioned all popular materials of synthetic turfs and properties to expect from them. If you want robustness, natural look, soft feel and long-lasting strength, it is advisable to go with the option of polyethylene. Nylon is also a good option when it comes to durability but it is rigid and looks like a doormat. 

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