7 Pocket-Friendly Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend


The whole world knows it is almost impossible to understand a women’s heart. Naturally it is not easy to make your girlfriend happy too. She could be happy now and pissed off the next moment. But gifts are an easy way to win her back. However, if you are hard-pressed for money and still want to make her happy, the following are 5 pocket-friendly ideas that you can use to gift your girlfriend. 

1. Chocolates

Like diamonds, chocolates are women’s best friend too. And receiving chocolates from a boyfriend becomes extra special for girls. So go ahead and give her a birthday chocolate box with all the different types of chocolates packed in a beautiful hamper if it’s her birthday. You can also search for a box of custom chocolates that are suitable for occasions or festivals or just expressing your love to her. These would contain her favourite chocolates along with personalised messages for her.  

2. Flowers

Girlfriends easily get flattered with sweet small gifts like flowers. A bunch of mix flowers will surely bring a smile on her face. You can either go for red roses to make her feel loved. Or you can opt for a mix of different flowers including gerbera, roses, lilies, orchids, etc. Add in a cookie box or a small cake, and this will be the perfect pocket-friendly gift she would love.

3. Dreamcatchers

Girls have a penchant for sweet and cute stuff. Usually, girls love things like keyrings, earrings, dreamcatchers, etc. You can conveniently gift her a dream catcher for her room. To make it better you can look for a wind chimes too.  You can look for such cool stuff online or gift stores in your city to woo and impress your girlfriend. 

4. Teddy bears

Women are emotional beings, and everyone knows that they have a weak spot for teddy bears. Teddy bears have been known to make a girl happy since ages. You can opt for conventional teddy bears in different colours or can also pick some new trendy stuff toys like a puppy, kittens, rabbit, etc.

5. Bath products

There are ample of different options for a girl, but when it comes to pocket-friendly gifts, you can look for beauty products. You can gift her toiletries from her favourite brand. It could be a skincare hamper or a bath product hamper. You can add in a loofah sponge, eye mask, face mask, body wash, etc. in the basket and help her pamper herself. 

6. Candles

Candles are soothing and calming. So when she is pissed off or is stressed about something, send some soothing aromatic candles to help her relax. Add in some trendy cute candles stand and some chocolates to see that smile on her face. 

7. Personalised gifts

If you are looking for a gift for her birthday, you can search for personalised birthday gifts. You can gift her photo frame with your message and pictures. You can give her a printed t-shirt with your and her’s picture, cushion covers, mugs, etc. You can also plan to gift her small greeting cards which have messages from your family and friends. 

You need not spend a fortune to make your girlfriend happy; just a few small gifts would be enough to show your love to her. 

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