5 Options For Customisation On Cakes For Loved Ones


The most special, intriguing, extraordinary day of the year is here; it’s a birthday. It’s time to do some fun beyond the ordinary, nothing like a usual birthday party. While there are many things you can experiment with when it comes to hyping up a birthday party, we are here to pay some heed over the birthday cake. Baking a cake is one option and a very credible and meaningful one, but if you are one to order a birthday cake online you need some tips over customisations. 

Some messages to go on the cake, some out of the box toppings to go for all options summed right here. Let’s get started. 

  • A birthday cake for a teenager

For a birthday, cake options are endless, and you can feel independent to order any flavour at all. What you play around with here are the toppings. If it is a vanilla cake, you can go for fruit toppings or a chocolate syrup pool filled in the centre. And for options to write on the card or on a greeting card along is “you are old”, ” welcome to the group of oldies”, “another year wasted”. Go for these only if your friend is appreciative of humour. 

  • An anniversary cake

If it’s your parent’s anniversary or your own, one great option is to go for a cake with swirls of rose preferably in red, purple or pink colour. With it, you can have more creativity done on it with some leaves in the centre of its swirls. Add to this amazing piece of art a short message that says ” I love you to the moon and back”, “What have I done to have you”, ” Embracing my luck once again”, “Can’t believe it’s been a year of tolerating you”. 

  • First birthday cakes

You can’t believe your baby is already one, can you? It really is a life-changing experience. To celebrate that momentous day of life once again, you have to do the most amazing things beginning with a fabulous cake. You have to get a cake with fondant icing with a barbie, a car, a cartoon that resembles the universal picture of kids. So your kid can’t know at the moment the happiness you are experiencing, but they are going to see it later. Go for ” Happy first my child”, “Love you more than mommy/daddy”.

  • A breakup cake

While it may not be considered the most beautiful moment of one’s life but quite the opposite- as a sad day. Although if you are an exception to this universal fact and are relaxed after your breakup or if your friend has been freed from this knot, it calls for a celebration. You can opt for a chocolate or coffee or red velvet flavoured cake and can even have two cakes, one to eat and one to paste on the face of the human cum free bird. Get written on it ” Hey free birdie”, “Free from the jail”, ” Didn’t I tell you already”. 

  • A long-distance cake

Living in a long-distance relationship with your partner, you have had your share of ups and downs. Mend what’s broken or even shivering with a beautiful meaningful cake to tell your partner you still love them they still mean the world to you and there’s nothing more valuable more priceless in their lives. You can do it all with a rose cake with red cream or a red velvet cake itself and with text on it that says “Love knows no distance”, “From seven seas away”. 

Have your pockets full with all these ideas and start doing the needful. 

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