2 Ways to Perform the vpn test


You already know by now that the VPN is going to mask your identity in the web world. But there are so many VPNs available that it becomes difficult to find out which one is the best suitable for you. The virtual network is definitely a fantastic concept for the protection of your online privacy. But unless you perform some vpn testyou cannot rely on the network’s security level. As data security is the fundamental aim of using the virtual private network, you have to ensure that it is protecting you online. If the VPN is erroneous or there is an issue in the installation process, your data might leak without your knowledge. 

Test for DNS leak

The Domain Name System or the DNS helps to connect your IP address to the corresponding domain name. The Internet service provider or the ISP is responsible for the translation of the domain name to the corresponding IP address, But when you use the vpn uk online, the real IP address will be undercover. But a leak in the VPN tunnel during translation request placing can make the data vulnerable. So you have to connect to a VPN and then run some standard tools to see whether your original IP address is visible or not. 

Checking the reconnecting phase

You have got many tools for testing the IP leaks online. Now there is another issue. Often when the IP address tries to reconnect to the internet after a temporary disconnection owing to network issues, the data can leak. So you can disconnect the internet while keeping the VPN connection on. Then reconnect and stray the rapid-fire IP test sequence. You have to open multiple pages of the IP testing site and keep on refreshing them quickly. If you see your original IP address on some of the pages, your data is at risk. 

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