In this modern Age, a doorway not just lets you input but unlocks to some new level of functions and purposes. Not only Doors posesses important part in residential or office appearance, but in addition affects your invoices. Superior choices of double glazed doors have numerous properties and investment in these has got lots of advantages. It might add more protection, sustainability and style to your residence and workplaces.

Double glazed doors are doorways consist of 2 panes of glass With a difference between full of air or inert gas like argon. It’s attractively equipped with advanced technology of making environmentally concentrated in addition to expense evidence. In the event you want to create your home or offices longer renewable and noise insulating, or even likes to lessen carbon footprint, you really should think about double glazed doors.

Just how much double garage doors prices?

Really double Glazed doors would be the actual money-savers. The installation certainly depends on a lot of things. It is based on the sort of framework, glass and also the entranceway form or design. But will be the most economical from other aluminums or timber ones-which are more high priced.

Benefit and how double gazed doorway performs?

Getting the most Popular pick for homemakers, they truly are extremely userfriendly and enduring. From increasing stability to lowering carbon and noise emissions, these doors create an immense advantage with these proprietors. Even a double glazed doors save dollars and improves home price.

This door actually Helps in convection by preventing heating transfers. Because of the atmosphere gap in Among of 9 12 mm glass panes, cool atmosphere stays on one side and hot air on other. So that makes your home comfortable with no space heater or air compressor. Although installation and initial installation cost Is little higher nonetheless it cover themselves to get the long jog and ever-lasting Caliber.

So, you love your house and you want it to be the subject of envy for everyone visiting you at your place. One thing that you will have to remember here is that without the right interior decoration you cannot make your home look beautiful. Now, there are so many ways to make your house appear beautiful that you might really feel confused as to which elements to include and which to eliminate to offer the house that much needed touch of charm. Well, let’s make things easy for you. If you want an instant facelift for your house, then go for a kind of decoration that involves mirrors. Now, you must be wondering how mirrors can be so effective in enhancing the beauty of an Interior space. Well, mirrors have many magical properties that offer them the power to transform even a boring place into something really charming and ecstatic. Here are some amazing ways in which you can use mirrors in your house to make it a more interesting place to live in. Have a look-

The first and most important function of mirrors is reflection of light. Yes, that’s right! That is why they are widely used in interior spaces that do not receive a lot of natural light or that are not lit adequately with artificial lighting. Hence, if you have a room that doesn’t attract a lot of sunlight or that has a dim light in a corner as its only source of lighting, then you can definitely make use of large mirrors to enhance its brightness.

You can also use mirrors in your bathroom. Now, you might say this is a very common trend and we have been seeing mirrors in bathrooms for ages. But we are not talking about using mirrors in a routine way; we are rather talking about using them in such a creative manner that the entire look of the bathroom gets transformed like never before. For that, you can use decorative mirrors here and there inside the bathroom. If you want a functional mirror in the bathroom, then go for it. But make sure it is not a single mirror- use mirror in pairs to add a touch of glam to your bathroom. It’s a rage these days to use mirrors in pairs even if they are immediately above the bathroom sink.

If you have dimly lit hallways and corridors in your house, then you probably know how eerie they could appear at times. Don’t worry, lighting them up is absolutely easy with the use of mirrors. All you need is to mount a mirror on the wall directly facing the wall on which the main light for the hallway is fixed. This mirror will effectively reflect all the light that it receives from the light facing it. As a result, you will have amplified light in the hallway. You can follow the same trick to light up your corridors as well. Guess what! It is not just for the amplification of light that you need mirrors in hallways and corridors; you also need them to beautify these places.

If you can’t think of a way to use mirrors appropriately in your house, then contact any good home designer Brisbane for the kind of interior design appropriate for your house.

Yes, you love you house! But it’s not just the inside of your house that is important. A lot of homeowners think people only get impressed when they see the beautifully adorned interior of a house. But the truth is far from that. The beauty of a house doesn’t emanate from its interiors alone, the outside is also equally important. And that is probably the reason why setting up gardens is a favourite activity among a lot of people who love their house.

If you love your house and want people to appreciate it, then it’s not just the interiors that you should focus on, you should also try to make the exterior look beautiful. But because there are hundreds of ways in which you can beautify your house campus, it could be a little confusing as to which way to adopt. Well, the easiest way out to give your outdoor a total revamp is to spruce up your deck. But how do you do that? Well, you do that by choosing the right decking option. And how do you select the right decking option? Well, for that read on the guide here-

  • The first and most important thing to keep in mind is that your deck is a part of your house. And that is why it needs to look like it is an extension of the house, rather than looking like it stands on its own. You should choose a decking option that compliments your house in some way or the other. Although composite timber decking is the best available option today, it’s not mandatory that you will have to go for it. You can go for any kind of decking option depending on what compliments your house. Another thing you need to keep in mind is that your deck need not be too matched with the floor of your house. What we are rather stressing on is the existence of some compatibility between the two.
  • The second important thing to keep in mind is definitely what is available in your area. You might like a particular decking option but is it available in your area? If not, then how are you going to get it? Even if you are thinking of importing it, is it going to be profitable deal? Won’t you be spending a lot of money unnecessarily? If you want to save on a few bucks, then you should go for a decking option that is easily available in your area.
  • The third and most important thing to consider is the climatic condition in your area. For instance, if you live in an area that receives heavy rainfall, then you will probably do fine with a deck surface that is resistant to water. If, however, heavy rainfall is not an issue in your area, then you can go for any variety of decking that you like. In case, the area receives a lot of sunlight and heat, then it will be wise of you to stay away from plastic options and options that might get affected by excessive heat.

These are some of the most important things to take into account while choosing a decking option for your house. Select one and make your residential campus appear mesmerizingly beautiful.


French Design Style:

Is a distressed and ornamental wooden furnish with warm and earthy colours. A combination of old and rustic style elements make this designs more soft and elegant. It includes soft and warm tones of red, golden and yellow stonish material bricks to ensure smooth feel this style includes ornate porcelain dishes, heavy linens and textured bed coverings. French design style has its roots between practical sturdiness and decorative aplomb. It makes us feel welcoming, warm by an elegant grace on elevation.

French Design Style Tip– chose cold, blue- based white and an overly yellow or creamy white with pink dosage. Make sure your lightings show off the moulding, hang curtains which highly show of the vertical heights, avoid covering ups panel with gallery walls.

Bohemian Design Style:

Popular fashioned home design. Style is mix of vintage furniture, light fixtures, globally inspired textiles and Rugs in contrast.  Bohemian style is random and busy rooms without any bare spot. Empty spaces might be filled with painting, pillows, figuring’s. Bohemian interiors are full with accessories. It explores the unique structural designs with no limits to the creativity and beauty. Both modern and classic, refreshing and inviting, breath taking and VIVID in photography.

Bohemian Style Tip – A sleek, streamlined table could hold a colourful fringe – Y table runner with great effect. In short; a modern white space with excellent background with layout decor objects. A sleek, streamlined table could hold a colourful fringe – Y table runner with great effect. 

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After a tiring day of long hours and excessive stress, one needs a good night’s sleep and a good sleep is only possible when you have something nice and cosy to sleep on. Here at people strive to ensure that you receive the best slumber at the end of the day with the mattresses they provide. In fact Wink and Nod brings you the best memory foam mattress India has ever seen. These mattresses contain ortho foam layers and bamboo fabric cover. These will help cosy up the bed for you while maintain your posture and alignment at the same time. Wrongly constructed mattresses can give you permanent problems like back ache, bone problems, etc. So you need to choose wisely when it comes to the things you have to sleep on. Wink and Nod mattresses come with bamboo fiber removable cover followed by 2 layered 1.5” Certipur-US cool gel memory foam, 4” Certipur-US high density support foam and finally the Anti Slip base. These ensure comfort and efficiency. Wink and Nod cares; it cares for its customers, their comfort and also the environment that they live in.

Wink and Nod does not make products that can in any way harm you. They construct the mattresses without the use of CFCs, harmful chemicals and heavy metals like lead and mercury, unlike most other mattresses. Also the mattresses are so engineered that they will not sink down with age and retain their shape throughout. The mattresses are comfortable, temperature adaptive and come endorsed with some of the best international standards like – OEKO-Tex® standard hypoallergenic grade fabrics and CertiPUR-US® standard core. So have a hassle free purchase of these amazing foam mattresses online. With Wink and Nod, you can now forget about dealing with chatty manipulative salesmen handing you things you do not want and then regretting taking a decision that was not yours. Wink and Nod does no such thing. They will not promote any particular product, you are free to choose from a wide variety of products, decide on one that will suit you the best and thus make an informed purchase. You also have the liberty to return your mattress even after using it, within 100 days of purchase if you feel you were not satisfied with it. Wink and Nod keeps customer satisfaction as its highest priority and not no amount of compromise with it.

Gone are the days where tiles are just for the bathroom and flooring. Do you know there are so different approaches to include tiles in redecorating your own home to emphasize the aesthetic splendour? Tiles can be a great input in home decor if it creatively sticks out when placed right. So here are a few exceptional methods to incorporate tiles in embellishing your property next time!


The kitchen is one fundamental place where you find tiles in common. Despite it is one significant element used for flooring and to protect the walls in addition; using it creatively can emboss the look of the kitchen even more. For further advancement, you can essentially to use some special sorts of tiles. You could also test with combining distinct textures of kitchen tiles together.

Storage cabinets

In the event that you have a feeling that you’re short on space at home, making more storage room accessible can be an awesome space-sparing procedure if done in the correct way. An extraordinary method to make space-proficient capacity accessible in your house is to utilize the space under the stairs. As you planned out to build storage in the stairs anyway, you could use different kinds of tiles that suit the staircase. It looks authentic and well-decorated as well.


Generally, the entryways are the first part of the house to caught dust and dirt. As it is the first room of any house you enter in, this could be the most obvious place to use tiles for. As you can see the dust collected on the walls and the colour of the paint fades away over time. Including wall tiles can be of a great idea as it can keep its lustrous shine all day. One advantage of adding wall tiles is that there is an enormous number of patterns and design available in the market today.

Puja room

Most of Indians use wood in the puja room as it looks traditional and natural. More usage of candles, lamps, and incense sticks might damage the wood, it is wise to use tiles here. It is extremely easy to clean up the tiles as oil spills happen at most of the times in puja room. There are tiles which are particularly customized to portray gods and deities that can save space in including idol in the puja room. Let in the puja vibes with the customized deity tiles in the puja room.

Living room

The living room is the place where most of our time is spent to watch television, have a conversation, and relax. You can create a visually pleasing space by introducing designer wall tiles in the living room. So far murals are concerned the attractive way to create aesthetically elegant rooms. On the flip side, wall tiles can be the best way to create an incomparable living room. If you have children, plan on a theme and create a well-engaging wall for them. Wall tiles can be a permanent and easiest way to add colours to the room rather painting it frequently.

With these inventive ideas of including tiles, you can creatively design improve the look of your independent villas in OMR even more luxurious and lively.


A Voguish Contemporary residence spread out in a vast space designed exquisitely to hint out luxury in all aspects. Spreading over two floors, all areas of the project has been detailed with maximum inputs on luxury spaces, natural lighting and wide ambiance.

Land Area :2 ACRE

Built Up Area :17000 SQFT

Location :THRISSUR

No. Of Bedrooms :6


A Voguish Contemporary residence spread out in a vast space designed exquisitely to hint out luxury in all aspects. Spreading over two floors, all areas of the project has been detailed with maximum inputs on luxury spaces, natural lighting and wide ambiance. The main entrance is the highlight where the wide columns are incorporated with a cut design panels to get an opulent look from the exterior. An extra touch on luxury with an Italian marble cladding on the front wall gives a new luxurious upfront from the common stone cladding. To be precise, Extravagant yet elegant.  A Voguish Contemporary residence spread out in a vast space designed exquisitely to hint out luxury in all aspects. Spreading over two floors, all areas of the project has been detailed with maximum inputs on luxury spaces, natural lighting and wide ambiance. The main entrance is the highlight where the wide columns are incorporated with a cut design panels to get an opulent look from the exterior. An extra touch on luxury with an Italian marble cladding on the front wall gives a new luxurious upfront from the common stone cladding. To be precise, Extravagant yet elegant.

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Our Favorite Kitchens – and How We Accessorize Them

Kitchens have evolved over the past one hundred years from a closed-off space in the back of the house to the center of the home, both physically and emotionally. Even clients who don’t cook want a beautiful gourmet kitchen where the family can relax, chat, and eat their takeout dinners!

We work with a few great cabinetry vendors here on Long Island that help us create the beautiful cabinetry in the kitchens we’ve designed. Many people want white kitchen cabinets now, so we try to jazz these up and keep them interesting with unique backsplashes, window treatments, and accessories.

Keep it Family-Centered:

Kitchen islands are a great way to keep the kids and family close on weeknights. Kids can sit at the island with their homework while mom and dad cook. The family can gather around the table for family dinners.

Keep it Easy for Entertaining:

Islands are also great for entertaining. It gives guests a spot to “perch” during casual get-togethers, and you can spread out your hors d’oeuvres on the top of the island.
If you have space in your kitchen, we recommend doing a second sink and dishwasher on the island. For big dinner parties, you’ll need that extra dishwasher!
Double ovens are also great for big parties and get-togethers. No more trying to cook the souffle with the chicken cordon bleu!
Don’t Forget the Windows:
Kitchens, unlike most rooms in the house, are full of “hard” decorating elements. Cabinets, floors, tile, a table, wooden chairs – there’s not much space for the “soft” decorating elements that warm up a room. A simple roman or valance on your kitchen window is a nice way to add a little bit of pattern or color in your space, and to warm it up.
At Marilyn Rose Interiors, one of our main decorating principles is using tiered lighting. In kitchens, you need lots of task lighting.
We don’t always love using a lot of recessed lighting (or high-hats) because it doesn’t always make you look your best – but in kitchens it’s great for task lighting. We recommend having a little bit of recessed lighting, layered with other task lighting.
You can layer the lighting with pendants over the sink and/or island, and a chandelier over the breakfast table. You can also add under-cabinet lighting, to help provide more light when doing your kitchen tasks like cutting or chopping.
We don’t suggest overloading your countertops with too many knick-knacks, but we do like adding a curated selection of pretty accessories. A contemporary fruit bowl; a unique vintage cookie jar; great transitional candlesticks; there are many gorgeous options you can use to help complement your space. You can check out our online shop to find some great kitchen accessories.
If you’re ready to design your dream kitchen with us, give us a call today! and
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Author : Marilyn H. Rose
Author Bio:
Marilyn Rose – Long Island, Hamptons Interior Designer Marilyn Rose has decades of interior design experience and know-how. Marilyn’s work has been seen in many top design magazines and television shows, along with her popular travel diary, Travels with Marilyn. She has completed projects across Long Island, the Hamptons, Manhattan, Palm Beach and beyond.

Rattan is making its comeback this year as a material for furniture for your home, both indoor and outdoor. Here are some description about this material and its usage. Rattan is a considered to be a relative of palm tree. It is a type of a vine tree that rapidly grows in the forests of South Eastern region. It is grown in the shape of a pole, and the diameter varies between one to three inches. Rattan is considered to be one of the strongest woods and has the ability to grow up high a hundred feet.

It is totally different from the bamboo pole and holds a strong core and is durable and very hard to break.  The solid cores of rattan along with its vertical grains are harvested, and are cut into smaller sections and generally steamed to give various shapes. The outer skin of the rattan pole, which is known as peel is generally used to bind the furniture joints together.

You can look at the specification of Rattan to understand why it is being tipped to be the interior decor and garden trend of 2017 as it is one of the fewest materials to break the barrier between both indoor and outdoor purpose furniture and decor. This modern furniture is available in a wide range of sofas, tables, chairs and accessories.

Firstly, I want to talk about Rattan in general as what makes this style of furniture so desirable and demandable in 2017 because it is Eco-Friendly. When we talk about Eco-Friendly we can understand the depth of nature we get into it. 

It is obvious that we all love something that is very easy to maintain. You don’t require any fancy cleaning products to keep your rattan looking clean and fresh. How to clean is very simple and you can use bowl of warm water, some dishwashing detergent, a soft cloth and some lacquer.

And Finally, Rattan is a lightweight material. So the products made from it are, lightweight. Ideally suitable for one person to move around the house or the garden easily. This makes maintenance and cleaning nice and straightforward.

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