The reliance on electrical energy to run all our household appliances increases daily. We need electric energy all the time otherwise our daily routines will stop. In places where the power supply is not guaranteed as in remote villages, this problem becomes worse. Even in the metros, power outages force the businesses and households to look for an alternative source of energy.

Type of power stored in the UPS unit

It is a simple matter to invest in Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) system with a matching inverter and battery pack. This gives the power supply you need all the time. The only thing that one must note here is that the battery pack that stores the energy in the form of chemical energy is Direct Current (DC). To run the electrical appliances such as fans, lights, computers, and motors you need Alternating Current (AC) power.

This is because the alternating current produces changing flux that makes all the appliances work. This is not possible in the direct current since there is no change in the current. You can buy square wave inverters for this. The square wave inverters have this name because they produce an output that is square in shape. This is not the ideal sine wave but it will suffice to run most appliances.

Preference for the square wave inverter

The sine wave does not have switching noise associated with the square wave. In the UPS unit, you have the battery, the battery charger, and the inverter. The entire thing is one standalone unit. The transformers used to make the sine wave are expensive. The square wave inverter transformers are simple to make and cheap. For this reason, many of the people prefer to use the square wave inverters.

The old-fashioned square wave inverters are the most common ones in use. They only change the voltage from positive to negative and back again. This cycle continues and helps you operate the electrical device such as your fan or heater. There will be some hum and heat produced due to the harmonic disturbance in the square wave conversion. Due to the lower energy conversion, the power consumed by the refrigerator and other appliances will remain more.

Use with most tools

Like already mentioned, the square wave inverters are cheaper and do the job. You can get the square wave inverters online from any store on the internet. You can operate the tools with a universal motor without any problems. So, if you need it for your lighting or the power drill you are on the safe side. If you buy a square wave inverter, be sure to buy from a reliable supplier. Search for the top square wave inverters so you can be sure that you get good quality.

It is important to choose the right configuration of the UPS unit for your house power needs. You will have some power loss and many of the appliances will not work if the power is not at the peak value. You can ask the supplier for the best configuration and choose the number of batteries.

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