When you are considering replacing your damaged windows glass you need to take proper care regarding the glass and the glass replacement company you choose. Nowadays, some good glass replacement companies have come up in Randburg that work in the commercial and residential sectors. You should immediately replace the glass of your window even when it has cracked in one place as when exposed to outdoor conditions it may become hazardous to the inhabitants over time.

After you have chosen a glass company in Randburg, you need to consider the following things:

  • What is the thermal conductivity of the glass?
  • How much natural light will be transmitted by the glass?
  • What is the amount of solar heat the glass will consume?

Apart from the three questions mentioned above, you should consider installing glazed windows. Glazed windows will reduce your utility bills and are eco-friendly. Preventing heat loss, air leakage and reducing condensation significantly are just a few advantages of having glazed windows at home. There are actually three layers of glazing- single glaze, double glaze and triple glaze. You should consult with window replacement experts to finally decide on the layer of glazing required for your house. Discussed below, are the two types of glazing prevalent.

  • Single glaze: These types of windows hold only one layer of glazed glass and can be used in moderate climates. For a long time, single glazed glass was the only viable option. Single glazed glass is able to prevent heat loss to a certain extent. However, it depends on the weather conditions. If you live in a hot climate and are using single glaze then it is most likely that the windows will allow for the highest daylight transmission. This will make your house even warmer in the summer. This leads us to the double-glazed windows.
  • Double glaze: This type of glazed window contains two panes of glass. Double glazed windows are well known for their insulation and noise reduction capabilities. Retaining heat inside the house and keeping off outside cold more efficiently. This will lower down your monthly expenses significantly. Moreover, double glass glazing leaves behind a smaller carbon footprint. Depending on the weather and the region you reside in, the double glass glazing windows may let in the same amount of light as the single glass glazing windows. However, the gap between the two glasses adds to the insulation property of the whole system. If you are currently using single glass glazing windows, then you can also shift to double glass glazing.

Different types of glasses used for glazed windows are as follows:

  • Standard glass
  • Heat-efficient glass
  • Low emissivity glass
  • Solar control glass
  • Shatterproof glass
  • Strong glass
  • Tempered glass
  • Self-cleaning glass
  • Privacy glass

Now that you know more about the glass types and the different types of glazing, you are better informed to consult with the technicians and ask them to install the right kind of glass for you.

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