WordPress is an amazing content management system(CMS) rich in features, very simple and affordable to use. If you are launching your website or are currently running on a different platform, there are several ways your business will benefit with WordPress hosting.

WP, as it is popularly called in short, is a widely used CMS for creating blogs, e-commerce stores, blogs, social communities, and even large corporate websites. It is based on the open source scripts of PHP and MySQL. WordPress is free, easily customizable, and simple to use without the need to be a technical expert. It had initially started as a blogging platform about 15 years ago but today dominates the leading CMS platform.

Choosing a reliable host:

It is important that you choose the best WordPress hosting provider to leverage the benefits it offers. Online businesses are expected to have a wider audience across the globe. To be able to serve all the customers well, it is important to look for providers that guarantee at least 99.95% network uptime, top level security, around the clock support and high-speed to deliver content faster to the visitors.

Evaluate your needs:

It is equally important that you know your site requirements. What is the resource requirement, how much traffic you expect on an average, which type of server do you need, the technical expertise that you have or need from your host? WordPress hosting services are available in many options.

Shared hosting: Ideal for the startups and small businesses, shared hosting is a platform that accommodates numerous websites. It is the least expensive but not suitable for businesses that have traffic that is increasing. You could launch your website here nut immediately upgrade to a VPS when the visitor movement grows.

VPS hosting: An ideal platform for the growing business, VPS fills in the gap when your site has overgrown the shared hosting but is not yet ready for the dedicated server. VPS gives you the flexibility, security, control, reliability,the privacy of a dedicated server in a shared environment.

Dedicated server hosting: Your WordPress site will need a dedicated server when you have high traffic movement. This machine gives you complete resources that ensure high availability, speed, uptime, and the best performance. It is the highest web hosting platform and requires you to be technically skilled.

WordPress hosting is also available in two more forms. One is the free hosting where anybody can use without paying a fee. The host gets their revenue from commercial banners, ads etc. and are not advisable to use if you are serious about your website and its performance.

WordPress Managed hosting is the other option which works perfectly for businesses that are not technically inclined. You must use it if your business is not IT related as the host takes responsibility for all the technical aspects giving you complete time and resources to focus on your core business.

Features that WordPress hosting offers:

1. It is a dynamic CMS: The popular CMS platform offers numerous plugins, templates, and themes that enables creating beautiful and a fast-responsive website.

2. It is free: WordPress is free as it is open source and not owned by any entity. Volunteers maintain and develop the popular software.

3. It is simple and easy to use: You may use a web designer or developer to build the site for you, but once handed over, you can manage on your own – add, edit, modify, delete content with ease without disturbing the other information.

4. WP is reliable: The developers and volunteers are constantly working on the applications. They contribute to each other’s work by adding security patches to make sure there is no sacrifice on quality. The fact that WordPress websites are doing so well is a proof of its reliability and quality.

The distinctive advantage of WordPress hosting is its scalability. The CMS has the flexibility to scale as your business needs increase with growth. WordPress is highly secure. When something goes popular it automatically becomes a target for the hackers. The same thing has happened with WordPress websites. However, the hosting companies are better prepared with superior quality security measures. Choose a host that offers 24/7 technical support lest you face issues when they are unavailable. It could put your business out of action affecting performance.

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