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Wikipedia says, SEO is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or webpage for a Search Engine Organic ranking.

If simplifying this definition, SEO that stands for Search Engine Optimization is actually the process of optimizing your online content to make it ranked on the top search results for a certain keyword. Our seo company in Delhi provides all of the services at very affordable rates.

The reason to do SEO is that 75% of the searchers start their searches from Google and 67% clicked on top five results.

What are the Google ranking factors?

  • Domain age: There’s no big difference between a domain that is six months old or a year, yes, age matters but is not really big. It just gives a sense of authenticity.
  • Having keyword in the Top Level Domain acts as a relevancy signal only.
  • Domain having targeted keyword as the first word in domain has a positive influence on the Search Engine Rankings. Keyword appearing in the subdomain can really boost up the rankings.
  • Exact Match Domain is good but only when it’s not a low-quality site.
  • Country code Top level domain can help the site to rank it on a particular country but can actually limit the site’s ability to rank globally. To target traffic from some specific areas of world is necessary like if a person from India is searching something to Google, they will be brought to that is an Indian version of site. Domains names with different TLDs are easily available with maximize potential.
  • On-page SEO is important and putting keywords in the Meta title and Description tag is a good strategy. Try to put them in the starting but there’s something needs to be keep in mind is Keyword stuffing.
  • Keywords in the Second Title tag i.e., H1 is relevant. Call us to know more about SEO services in Delhi.
  • Content with more words is the most important ranking factor to improve the SERP position. Linked table of contents can really help your page to be ranked in mean time. Keyword density is the term that tells you for how many times a search term appears in the text with relation to the total number of words it contains.
  • Latent Semantic indexing keywords in the content helps your website to understand easily. They can also be placed in the Title and Description tags.
  • Page loading speed is used by both Google and Bing as an important ranking factor to estimate your site’s speed based on the HTML coding.
  • Search engines use optimized images as an important relevancy signal through the Name of File, Alt text, Title, Description and Caption.
  • The keywords must appear in the first 100 words of a Page’s content that is called Keyword prominence.
  • Last but not the least, website should meet all the criteria related to Mobile friendly update means they should be properly optimized according to Mobile devices.
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