Pustular Psoriasis is a serious skin disorder which appears as small red bumps filled with a fluid of white blood cells. Mostly it is misinterpreted with fungal infections but is caused by the effects of autoimmune diseases.

There are different forms of Pustular Psoriasis depending on the symptoms experienced:

  • Palmoplantar Pustular (PPP)

It is the form of Pustular Psoriasis in which patient suffers from red bumps filled with pus on restricted areas of body like palms, hands and feet.

  • Generalized Pustular Psoriasis (GPP)

Appearance of pustular psoriasis on entire body is termed as Generalized Pustular Psoriasis. In this condition, the person feels immense itching and extreme pain.

Followings are the factors that lead to this disease:

  • Medications

Consumption of certain drugs like aspirin, antidepressants, and anti-inflammatory steroids can cause severe reactions like Pustular Psoriasis. Therefore, it is mandatory to consult an expert before taking such medicines. Self-medication can also do disasters with your health.

  • Gene mutations

Genetic impairments can cause a number of health problems in offspring. Issue of pustular psoriasis runs in families which becomes tough condition to handle.

  • Pregnancy

Pregnancy involves a number of hormonal changes in body and due to drastic hormonal imbalance the person can suffer from bumpy, cranky and red skin.

  • Abrupt removal of systematic medications

Sudden withdrawal of consistent medications causes a lot of reactions due to rapid change in your daily dosage of medicated drugs. Pustular Psoriasis is one of those reactions including severe itch and pain.

Besides bearing itching and pain, one can’t enjoy his natural and beautiful skin. How to get rid of such pathetic skin abnormalities? There are some tips which can be followed to reduce your pain and regain your clear and smooth skin:

  • Maintain a healthy diet. Sufficient consumption of vitamins and minerals can save you from multiple skin and health problems.
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption as people who smoke or drink too much time to heal from an injury or infections.
  • Stay away from ultraviolet radiations as Psoriasis can get worse by frequent sun bath.
  • Use mild products on your skin just like LIGNE CLARIFYL PROBLEMATIC SkinCare Cream by Pevonia Botanica.
  • Try yoga and meditation techniques to avoid stress as stress increases healing period.

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